New Zcash Pool launched! ZPOOL GURU IS LIVE! [ABANDONED]

why this change?

  • Sols/s has been replaced by H/s

I just switched and everything seems to be working well for now.

One thing that slightly bothers me is the high ping over ~150ms /share submitted.

Can’t wait to see more improvements!

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btw. where does the server stand? I don’t think I saw where I can choose location.

Well done. :slight_smile:

It looks good. You said confirmation and payouts is faster but I’m confused by this. 100 confirmations are required and you have it set to 360? How is this faster? I would also recommend switching back to Sol/S from H/s as the Zcash network uses Sol not H and this can be confusing to someone who doesn’t understand that.

Otherwise, I like these changes :slight_smile:

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Sol/s and H/s Can be used interchangeably

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I would stick to Sol/s which is what the network measures. They are interchangeable most of the time, but there’s really no reason to move away from what Zcash network itself is using. You’re essentially changing it for the sake of changing it. There’s no positive reason to change it. There is however a negative to changing it. Confusion on the part of a user not entirely familiar.


Am i the only one in europe having issues with connectvity to the GURU server?

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Our servers are currently only in the US and we know that ping times are not perfect. We are in the process of adding servers in every region, i.e. Europe, Asia, South America, and etcetera. Please stay tuned. We are working day and night on this.


What’s going on with the confirmations numbers?

The confirmations are all well above the already curious 180 confirmations, but still haven’t been moved to confirmed.

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We are looking into it


Thank you for great update! Very nice!!!



We are working on this right now.


All should be good now.
Please check.

All outstanding payouts will be sent within an hour.


We are working on major updates this week and also going to add servers in each region by the end of this month.


Now worked. Thanks! =)
And last news - its great!!!
Im from Europe and I go to here with test new pool. When Europe server be ready, my Friends connect to him too.

Great work! Keep it up!


can you already make a comparison?

Hello! Yes.

If you have 20KS/sec or more and on Guru we found 2 blocks/day - it will be profitable than another pools.
If you have 5KS/sec or less and on Guru we found 3blocks/day - it will be profitable than another pools.

This is average data, because of miners count increasing your reward decreasing (PROP). So need to find more blocks.

I think that Guru have future and we need to suport this pool by our hashrate. In case if Guru will have 10KS/sec total hashrate and minimal blocks/day amount will be 4 (stable) - Guru will be more profitable for all.


sounds good. Unfortunately at the moment I have almost no overview what is going on. since my weak rigs are only showing sometimes as workers on the miners site. I hope I didn’t moved all my rigs for nothing on Guru :slight_smile:


Great! Would you mind explaining the purpose of 180 confirmations instead of the required 100? :slight_smile: