NiceHash website

How often is the website updated? I’ve been mining for a number of hours now, but when I search my BC address, it returns nothing that indicates this is so… wtf.

when you go to /?p=miners&addr=[your bitcoin address] what do you see ?

It usually updates very quick

a couple of hours ago, i switched back to the windows GUI (after having checked the website and the progress not showing up for whatever reason). after having switched back, and when i was mining on the windows interface beforehand, that shows up. and although my system was actually mining on linux, whereby i had copy and pasted my BC address, nicehash just completely ignored this mining. 5 hours of mining down the drain. sketchy as hell. what the hell is wrong with the nicehash linux?

Nothing so far as i’m aware and has worked for me in the past are you sure your miner was working with correct settings.

have you been mining with equihash for btc or did you try mining zec on nicehash’s zec mining pool ?

@gatekeeper01 You can send me your BTC address through private message and I will check it our for you ans ask our developers what could be the problem.

it was definitely mining. i even checked up on it throughout the 5 hours. although maybe i was mining from the wrong pool?! i can’t find the address/port i was using, but i got the address from their website.

If you boot ubuntu load terminal and press the up arrow to scroll threw past cmds does it give you the address/port you used ?

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you are correct, sir. the thing is i have my linux hard drive dual booted on my system downstairs (which i’m using as 24/7 miner), but i’m prolly gon reformat it tomo with a lighter debain distro, so i’ll bookmark this post and before i do that, and if i do that, i’ll check and get back to you. longest run on sentence ever :smiley: