No image at all when using PCI-E express 1X to 16X riser

I’ve started to build a Nvidia based ZCash mining rig using an old Asus P7P55D motherboard I had lying around. When I plug in either of my cards (I have one GTX760 and one GTX1080ti) to the conventional PCI-E 16x slot everything works fine. But when I use a PCI-E express 1X to 16X USB riser card I get no image on the screen at all when I boot. Regardless of which PIC-E slot I use.

I have no experience at all with riser cards, is there anything you need to do in order to get it to work? A bios setting etc? I’ve googled the issue but can’t find any information on it. Or do you always need at least one card in the 16X slot to get an image? If anyone could shed some light on this I would appreciate it.


The riser I bought is identical to this one:

You might need to update your bios to the latest version. Otherwise, have you waited long enough? Some slower systems take a few minutes to show the windows login screen.

Thanks for the reply, after some intense googling I finally solved it. Apparently on some motherboards you have to take a jumper wire and short circuit two connections on the PCI-E slot in order for the motherboard to detect that there is a graphics card installed. Its likely just a problem with older boards, but anyway, it works perfect now!

I had a lot of issues getting the video on Z270A boards. I believe the recommended way is always to connect the screen to the card in first PCI-E 16x slot (closest to the CPU). I didn’t find that to be a stable solution. Finally I made a change in the Bios not to use external PCI for display and I always connect the screen to internal graphics cards for setup and whatnot. All the cards are mining without any problems with that setting and the video is always there.

Great, glad you sorted it out!

do you know which pins I have to short? would it be on the motherboard or on the adapter?