Nvidia to release GP106 & GP104 Dedicated Mining Only GPUs Soon GTX1060 GTX1070 GTX1080

the first amd versions are also spotted in the wild

Why are these GPUs dedicated for mining making equal or less hashrates than regular gaming GPUs that are similar If not cheaper price? Not profitable at all considering resale value if anything happens to GPU mining will be a big zero.

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Companies are just increasing their profit margin with an in demand product.

now they are selling 560 mining cards for what a 470 used to sell for?
that really sucks
they are supposed to increase supply so prices go back down to what they should be... but they are just taking advantage of us..

meanwhile when we RMA our cards they lie to us and cheat us... really BS... (at least with sapphire)

I've had a good and back experience with Sapphire, had one RMA take 3 weeks and recently once that only took 11 days. I wish they offered advanced RMA.

To fully disclose I've had a EVGA 1080 take 4 weeks on an RMA (eye roll)

I wish they repalaced cards when they say they would
i send in 13 cards for repacemnet and all they did was change the therma tape
I made it clear to them (and I talked to a manager) to not waste my time

Im not at al satisfied with sapphire RMA

infact I did not want an RMA, and I made that clear, I wanted replacements else it was not worth my time and effort

I lost 100$'s in crypto at the time - probaby worth 1000$ of dollars now... if they didnt waste my time and money I wouldnt have lost the potentia mining income

I didnt/dont appreciate that

really people should sue them for the thermal tape issues

sapphire is bull

What's wrong with the thermal tape ????

I had an Asus monitor die once... took 6 weeks to get it back the first time and they hadn't even done anything (still would not work). Sent it off again and it took another 6 weeks but this time it came back working.

it melts in to a grease
can leak all over your hardware, can kill the GPU if it gets into the 8 pin

I made it onto tomshardware.fr :stuck_out_tongue:


You're now global infamous

and on


This is an interesting difference between stock 8gb 1070's and the mining cards:

Effective Memory Clock = 10008 Mbps vs. the 8008 Mbps speed of the original cards.

Also, it appears to have GDDR5X memory, which was rumored to be the reason why performance on the 1080's was so bad. Maybe they fixed something with it to increase performance to where it was expected to be originally.

I dont trust anything on gaming sites anymore, and it says the specifications are subject to change. No one has these in their hands yet... where do they get their information? how do we know that it is legit? what is the source?? why dont they name their source?

Did i put "Nvidia to release GP106 & GP104 Dedicated Mining Only GPUs Soon (Subject to change)"?

NO.. because I know my source is legit.

Ive seen 60 mh/s for p104 mining cards on gaming sites... anyone actually believes that?

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Cryptomined - send their PR emails a message asking for some specifications and distributor info

You can do that just as easy and he can. I've sent many an email asking those questions with replies back and had conference calls with MSI, Giga, Bio, and Nvidia (have to admit viagra wasn't needed while on that 7 person conference call with Nvidia!), just have to take that first step, after all email is free!

i still dont trust gaming sites after they posted 60mh/s on p104

You should name your source then if you think they should.

cryptomined is the source ... he actually has these cards, and i havent seen anyone actually showing better mining performance on these mining cards.

@cryptomined Nvidia is upping the gaming card prices big time and lowering the mining cards just a little. Still not really worth it since gaming cards have a resale value.

I decided to take a gander at the 1070's price currently (I bought 3 over the last couple of months) and they're all priced higher for sure. Price I paid (Current price)

Zotac GTX 1070 AMP! Edition - $535 ($639)
2 x ASUS DUAL GTX 1070 OC - $575 each ($619 each)

I don't foresee a price drop on them any time soon either. Even with the mining only cards. Sad really.