Old money replaced by newly printed money

They perhaps knew that the old administrators kept physical cash in their homes and that they would get busted if they were to surrender money they corrupted to the bank.

But heres comes another trick, printing more money to replace the old ones.

I’m not one to invest in crypto so that I can short it and take profits from the ignorant.

I’m in crypto because it is borderless, digital, can be fungible, fixed supply and I respect privacy. This is why I invested in ZCash.

I’m hoping that ZCash will be one that is less volatile though bec outside of mining and technicals, are people in third-world countries who leaves their homes to work abroad who can make use of a stable currency that can hop on the 7107 islands of the Philippines with low fees.

I’m not really about going to the moon but I’m against people that take advantage from the ignorance of others.

Let’s keep this coin less volatile!

@Louie_Alejandrino I’m going to ask that you please keep your Philippines related posts in your original thread: Philippines - OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) sent 28.4 billion of US dollars in 2015

There is no need to create more and more threads to talk about the same subject.

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