Optimized solver for Zcashd

Hi, I am new to all this. Can you please provide links to your miner so I can download?

Also is this for windows or linux?

What speeds are most cpu’s getting?

Thank you.


while running rc2 with equihashsolver=tromp in .conf e gen=1 I’ve back this final info

“errors” : “WARNING: abnormally high number of blocks generated, 144 blocks received in the last 4 hours (96 expected)”
is it correct? Thanks for any answer.

Yes it’s fine, that just means the network diff is low and you are mining more blocks than usual.

Currently at ~200 diff

So I should expect 144 block within 4 hours, is it?

When the difficulty is lower the blocks usually come in faster.

4hrs= 96 blocks average
1hr = ~24 (1 block every 2.5minutes)

Is there a wiki with install instructions?

I’ve got the sarath-hotspot miner up and running, but how to check the hashrate?

Are you using the zcashd official wallet/miner ?

Edit: time ~/zcash/src/zcash-cli zcbenchmark solveequihash 10

Running rc2, have I to upgrade str4 standalone and sarath/tromp ?
I’ve done the upgrade to rc2 but I’m still running the previous version of str4 and sarath.

No, it’s implemented in RC2

I use the standalone sarath-hotspot miner, is there an other way to run a benchmark/show hashrate?

src/zcash-miner -genproclimit=numberofcores -stratum=stratum+tcp://zec.suprnova.cc:2142 -user=username.worker -password=yourpassword -debug -printtoconsole

the suprnova pool shows each workers hashrate (pretty accurate)


just a few questions, I’ve an H/s between 0.85 and 3.1 how is it possible? I don’t understand the meaning of this difference.
The last one, how can I optimize my nvidia card?
Thanks in advance.

@sarath-hotspot any chance you can implement xenoncats solver into zcashd as a standalone miner ?

Its x4 times faster than Tromps Solvers

How do I download the windows version from that link please?

No windows version.

Best thing to do is unallocate some memory from your harddrive and run ubuntu (dual boot with windows)

You going to need it most probably :slight_smile:

Thanks trolloniex, I will do that asap.

Im new to all this but I can manage…Would you please tell me what I need to do next after setting up ubuntu?

How do I dl the linux version of the miner?

By the way, what speed are you getting on your cpu?

scroll down on the github page and everything is explained

Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

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I am trying but fasm is giving lot of errors.
My weekend is about to be over, so I am not that hopeful of this integration.

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