Optimized vbios settings for performance / power saving

yup they should get out today

should have a tracking number in a couple days, will get shipped out this evening.

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@AnorakSupra yeah, I tried v 2.74 v4 from a dos USB.

Thanks @AnorakSupra, great work.
I’d like to investigate a bit more on the K4G80325FB chips (Samsung 8g, 470 and same on 480?)
I saw this into the new PS4 Pro… maybe anyone can extract those timings :smiley: Any experience with those mem chip?

@AnorakSupra That looks like a great solution for the open air case. Do you mind telling us what shoe tray it is and where you got it? I've got 2 rigs right now, but they are separate and taking up a lot of space. This looks like a great solution for my space. Thanks!

@AnorakSupra I see that you use 2 PSU for rig, how you make to start the MoBo? I see the cable mod for PS_ON, but you use 1 for rig? Can explain me pls? Thx soo much!!

@Stephen Hm, I am not sure what that could be. You can still try to blind flash the cards.

atiflash.exe -f -p 0 biosname.bin

Where -f means force flash, -p 0 is device in PCIE port 0 (-p 1, -p 2 etc. for other cards)
But you have to be sure which port belongs to which card.

@frot The PS4 uses a “downgraded” RX 470 with only 4.2 TFLOPs while the RX470 on pc has 4.9 TFLOPs. Propably lower clock speeds and same timings, or even more relaxed timings.

@MrJaekin The tray was here in my appartment before I moved here, its like 60 years old or something. :joy: I will make some more photos when the rig is finished.

@gerardo76 When I have all 6 GPUs on one rig, I will have to use two PSUs on one rig. PSU 1 is connected to the mainboard, the harddrive, all molex connections of al 6 GPUs, as well as to 3 GPUs with the PCIE connector. PSU 2 is connected to the last 3 GPUs with the PCIE connector.

This is the 2nd PSU which I stripped. I removed the mainboard leads as well as the CPU leads. The only cable which remains from the mainboard is the green cable from pin 16 (PS_ON#). I used heat shrink cables to make the lead more durable.

I spliced the PS_ON# lead from PSU 2 to the same lead on PSU 1, right at the mainboard connector.

The cable looks black now, because of the heat shrink cable. :slight_smile:
So both PSUs are connected to the mainboard at pin 16.

To start the rigs I use this crazy button.

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I added a PS version of the 1500 strap VBIOS which I am using right now. (core clock 1260 MHz, memory clock 1750 MHz). Hashrate is the same as with the default 1500strap. (145 Sol/s Claymore V6)

The PS version is a powersafe version with reduced vcore (-100mV) and reduced TDP, TDA and Powerlimit (-15%) Keep in mind that the reduced powersettings can make your GPU instable and crash the card under load. Also the overclocking capability is reduced due to limited power supply.

I test this VBIOS right now in a rig with 2 RX470.

The heat reduced by round about 10C, the power usage (core only, without PCB) reduced by 10 watt. (1 hour average reading with GPU-Z)

Thank you!
I'll try it.Good Job!

Thank you very much for the detailed information, very grateful !!! Youŕe my hero :smile::smiley::smile:

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Ow, my Sappire Nitro+ rx 470 sure didn't like that 1500 strap. are there different versions with different memory? BTW, sure is a pain having to get a windows machine to flash this on. I can't find a dos flash util. The one in that archive is still windows, just command line.

Any suggestions for ROG Strix Radeon RX 480?

I've tried various eth custom bios and managed to get some watts efficiency without affecting the Sols rate but I see a lot of Memory errors which should not be good for the GPUs lifetime.

Yes, there are cards with Hynix and Samsung chips.

ATIFlash is a DOS tool. :slight_smile: Just put it on a bootdisk.

@peterpan I’ll have a look at the ROG cards later this day. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!

Btw I haven't seen anyone talking here about Memory Errors.

HWiNFO is the tool that I'm using for checking it. Can you check if your GPUs are getting any with your custom bios?

Yes, I have been plaing with HWinfo yesterday.
Before I used stress tools to see if the cards get into trouble.

But HWinfo was new to me.
My cards run with 1750MHz with the tightest timings from the 1375 strap just fine.
Starting to overclock with the 1375 strap will cause errors in the chips anyway.

I will post about that later this day.

I'm playing now with PolarisBiosEditor and ATIflash. I will report later today as well.

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could you have a vbios mod for msi 480 4G ???

Yes I do have 2 VBIOS versions for the MSI 480.
OC+Memory timings, and a power safer version.

I am at work right now, but I will upload the VBIOS later this day. :blush:

Nice to hear that.. i already try modify this bios by myself but it not stable when running. I have max runtime for 20h only.

What the heck, work suxx anyway. :bread:

Just fixed the files for you. The files are marked with MSI RX480 4GB Gaming X.
There is the original bios, the PS power safe version with slight underclock, but still 1500strap timing, as well as reduced power draw.

And there is the OC overclock version, with 1500strap timing and a very light overclocking as the GPU ist quite fast for the stock settings.

I am not quite sure how stable the power safe version is, as the ratings are reduced quite a lot.


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And that did version one should see these newer cards? Nice. How could I tell which chips I have? Visual inspection?