Other Conference needs?

Hi everyone,

To those that like visiting, participating or just interested in conferences related to, programming ,crypto, blockchain, etc… I wonder If your needs differ from other.

We want to put in somme effort in understanding this so next time we can make your experience as good as it gets…

What do you expect from the organizer? beamer, big screen, high speed internet, security, food, beverage, toilet, fresh air, green environment :slight_smile: , or more, other, better?

And what tools do you need as a participant?

How can we make, it you as comfortable as possible when attending a conference
Any suggestions

Thanks for reading ,

Hi @bias24 , just wondering who you are working with for conferences or what company you represent? Have you organized a conference before?

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Hello Shawn,

Yes, we already did organise conferences but always on a small scale.
As we see other needs from our participants no better way to find answers then to put the Q.in the right basket.

Can you provide details about your conferences?

Conference is a word used in my language as meeting, as of course it does, can also stand for organizing a conference as in " 2019 blockchain conference " my mistake…

I want to offer my guests the possibility to organise meetings ( conference) in a green, noise free, environment, ( we’re located in the centre of a 80 hectare green , forest rich departemental park) and at the same time providing them all the tools they need in a high tech meeting space.

Sorry for the confusion

Altough the idea isn’t new, in my country not many hotels are providing this service outside the big cities.

out of curiousity, what country are you talking about?

Belgium is the right answer :grinning:

I want to emphesize that I’m talking about my new project regarding this topic.
Tought this would help me in better understanding the needs of future customers/ visitors.

Being a user here on this forum is just out of interest in new technologies and future developments .