Owners of the World

I don’t find the answer to the following question.

Given that the 16% of the ZECs belong to 6 persons, why people have trust in a currency that by born is absurdingly unequal?
In the worst escenario, it is like aknowledging “6 owners of the world” because of pure greed.
Based on the creation of the digital currency, the lack of a central control of the currency, we shift to a “no central control of the currency, but who cares, there are owners of the world”.
And there are other “anonymous” currencies.

Seems phylosophical, but actually tumbles my mind each time I see how ZEC price rises.

why wouldn’t i want the developers of my coin to be paid well? do you honestly believe it’s a good thing for the people that are building/maintaining ZEC to be eating out of dumpsters, and homeless? all developers get paid one way or another:
few examples

  1. dash - premine
  2. monero - pump-n-dumps (lead dev literally did this a few weeks ago)
  3. bitcoin (blockstream, etc)

side note - equality doesn’t exist naturally anywhere in nature; pure marxist garbage


Sounds like you have been reading propaganda from people who like to twist the facts.

First of all the total amount of coins allocated for the Founders Reward is 10%, I’m not sure where you got 16% from.
Secondly, that money is not going to “6 people to rule the world” it is quite divided among many shareholders, investors, developers, employee salarys and to form the non-profit Zcash Foundation.

You can see the total breakdown here:

If you believe that 16% of the wealth in 6 hands is something acceptable is that you don’t know anything about economies.
Now I understand how a fiduciary currency like this succeeds.

Thanks for the exemplification! (I say it sincerely)
It is truly something that will write pages in the history of economy.

Hey! This is a much better answer with interesting information! Thank you! I will take a look at it.

I misunderstood my information. They get the 20% until first half, and 10% of all.

I will take a look at your link, because before reading it, all of this seems insane.

Thank you!

Oh my.
I count 61 entities holding the 20% of the wealth in a spawn of 4 years, and 10% of the total wealth at “the end”.

This is insane.

Absolutely a scam, a trump.

What is more incredible is that it rolls. A few propaganda about “all created equal” and “transparency”, and fiduciary to the power.

But what defies all theories is the fact that by now it works. I am very impressed. Congratulations for the achievement.
I can’t predict this falling, but it is hard to believe the success in the long run. As I said, looks insane.

But seems to work. What a situation.

Again, many thanks for the link.

believe “all created equal” refers to fungibility, and you just read a transparent breakdown of where money goes. so, it’s not propaganda, or a scam. good luck!