Parameter Generation Ceremony Discussion

This thread will contain information, resources and discussion related to the parameter generation ceremony that we performed to create the Zcash 1.0 “Sprout” public parameters.


We have now published the MPC whitepaper describing the protocol and the proof: mpc/whitepaper.pdf at master · zcash/mpc · GitHub


Our analysis of the Parameter Generation Ceremony shows anomalous behavior of a phone owned by a journalist who was observing one of the six locations. Our current leading hypothesis is that this indicates an attempt to spy on us or to compromise the Parameter Generation Ceremony. No anomalies were observed in the air-gapped compute node in that location, nor in any other location. We are analyzing this anomaly and will post our data and results.


@zooko Curious what anomalous behaviour was observed, and how such behavior was detected post ceremony. Or was it observed during the ceremony?

Also, is there a particular reason why Matthew Green was not a participant in the ceremony?

Thank you for continuing to share details about this very important (and interesting) part of Zcash with us. :slight_smile:

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Will you remind me to answer these questions once we have results to report? Sorry, but I’ve gotta put you off for now.

No problem, I understand.

Lots of updates: