Parameter Generation Upgrade Ramifications?

So if the parameter generation scheme used in the Parameter Generation Ceremony is upgraded in the future - is this possible to do without Zcash holders under the old system losing the value of their Zcash? Is it just an "upgrade" or more like a "fork"?

There has been a bit of discussion of how to do that lately on the zcash issue tracker, so that is very much still up in flux right now

Thanks! I didn't see this in the issues - can you point me to a thread(s)?

oh man I'm not sure, I obsessively watch the tickets flow by on the zcash in the #zcash-dev-bot channel, which posts every issue tracker update on the zcash update to that channel, and it was.....sometime in the last week or so????
are the 2 chat channels where all the serious dev stuff goes down