Peter Van Valkenburgh for the ZF Board

I hereby nominate Peter Van Valkenburgh to serve another term as a member of the Zcash Foundation board.

Peter (@valkenburgh) is the director of research at Coin Center, a nonprofit organization focused on research, education, and advocacy on the intersection of policy and cryptocurrencies. Formerly, he was the Google Policy Fellow for TechFreedom, and he is a graduate of NYU School of Law. Peter is a founding director of the Zcash Foundation, and drafted the Foundation’s successful application to be recognized as a 501(c)(3).


Thanks @Dodger! I’m happy to accept this nomination and would be honored if the community and the board wanted me to continue my role at the Zcash Foundation. I’m one of the founding members alongside Andrew and Matt. As I see it, my value as a board member stems from my expertise in law and regulation of cryptocurrencies and my familiarity with non-profit governance because of my history with Coin Center as well as close work with other technology and civil liberties non profits like the EFF, CDT, and Tech Freedom. As you may have seen at Zcon2 my priorities for Zcash are UDAs ASAP. More here:

As mineZcash aptly summarized: