Please help! PC crashes after 2 seconds

I have MSI z170 M3 and M5 mobos but my PSU and CPU stop working after 1-2 seconds.
I have a AX1200i PSU, i3-7100 CPU, 4GB ram, SSD and one RX 570 plugged into the Mobo but they crash right after I push the power button.

I removed the CMOS battery and replaced it after a minute to clear the BIOS settings, PSU passes the "self-test" and all the cables are connected properly (using original PSU cables)

Anybody know why this keeps crashing?

Thank you!

You have to be specific, crashes when? 2 seconds from when you hit the power button, 2 seconds after it posts, 2 seconds into windows?

Is it posting? DOA video cards can prevent post, if you have another machine, throw your card in there to test it. Sometimes re-seating it is enough.

Ram can also prevent post. Pull all your ram besides the 1 stick in the ram slot closest to the processor. If it still doesn't post, try swapping out the remaining stick with another. Make sure your ram is compatible.

Try re-seating your processor. Is your heatsink on properly? If it hits a high temperature it will kill the power to save the chip

Are your power and reset pins correct? verify connections (given)

DOA motherboard can cause this as well and is usually the last thing to be checked.

Will it load bios?

it sounds like your power supply is going shutting off due to an overload or insufficient level of power to me.

Feels like we need some more info here....

Have the computer worked with this setup befor ?
What PSU do you have ?
Built the computer your self ?

I figured out what the issue was, my BIOS on mobo wasn't updated to support the 7000 series CPU so it wasn't posting.

Now I can't get it to work with 5 GPUs. Trying to follow the guides but having no luck