Pool- Luckpool.org: Solo Mining Block Rewards

zcash keeps crashing on me and is having a hard time syncing up. Not sure how long it will take to fix,.

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Zogpool is back up for now. Could be a bit shaky for a few.

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I tried that driver, still crashing. Undervolting the cards didn’t help. Something is off. Too bad…it’s fast. 220

16.9.2 wasnt to bad of a driver, not as solid for me but other miners are having real good luck with it.

My OS is Win 10 pro, and on my second attempt with Win 10 I did a clean install and immediately turned off updates and windows defender, so this OS has no updates. The cards are Sapphire - 11260-01-20G - Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 480 Graphic Card - 1.21 GHz Core - 1.34 GHz Boost Clock - 8 GB GDDR5. No overclocking, just Trixx running custom fan speeds and wattman in the background.
When I reinstalled drivers I used DDU to cleanup the old drivers, downloaded that from Guru3d.com.

Hope you get it figured out, I was getting pretty frustrated by the time I got this thing going good!

ETA: MSI Z97 gaming 5 MoBo Bios is default with one exception, I set the PCIe clocks to 96 mhz.

Everything is ok now.!! Great zogpool. Thanks a lot @voxelot

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Hi @voxelot, Zogpool seems don’t process payments. Please could you check my account ?

I have personally watched the software pay every user. Zogpool hasn’t found a block in over a week. There should be no payments.

You can post your account if you’d like me to double check.

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no payment, none queued, none in history, you currently have 672233 “work units” completed for the pool tho, that WILL be paid once we hit a block :slight_smile: alteast thats what i see from public view ;p

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Today could be the day. Think positive thoughts everyone :slight_smile:


If I understand it properly, our pool’s hits can be modelled with a poisson process.
The time between hits can then be modelled with a negative exponential distribution.
Our pool’s (average) Sols/sec vs the Network’s (average) Sols/sec must come into play here.
I assume that the “Luck” statistic (in terms of days) at Zogpool’s homepage must depend on such theory.

I actually don’t think a poisson process is necessary in this case (although could be used). From my understanding poisson is useful when the probability is extremal small in comparison to the population or is completely unknown but the occurrence of events is.

Since we are looking for the first occurrence of success (block found) we can use the geometric series (after some skipped proofs)


Which will tell you how many blocks then a simple time conversion is what you see on the front_end.

Much easier than poisson.

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I believe Lady Luck is collecting on our earlier good fortune. Winter weather without is appropriately accompanied by a chill wind within the halls of Providence. /melodrama

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We should hit a block soon, seems like hashing power has been up around 10K for a few days.


Probability can be harsh at times. But thanks for sticking around and supporting small open-source zcash pools everyone.

I’m still all in at zogpool


Also the difficulty is down to 43 million sol/s today which is good. It was bouncing around 50-55 for awhile there. One thing we can at least say is that the pool can run for a good deal of time with minimal downtown for an operation ran by one person. So if there is more interest shown in the future maybe we could fund more developers and myself to work on improving.

But there are a lot of pool options out there. I think being an honest pool with an active dev contact is the only thing that makes zogpool worth it in the long run (however p2pool with no trust needed in pool operators would be a better solution). I think it would be great if we could maintain the right size of pool. Not too many users where payouts seem very minimal but also not too low of hash so payouts come too infrequently.

Also zogpool will remain 0% fees so I am counting on luckpool and its 1% fee to be enough to pay for both server and transactions fees. Which at current rates is not looking likely but it only takes a few farms to get there. I am surprised more interest isn’t shown from large farms to collect full blocks, but maybe if you have a large investment in mining you can afford to hire a programmer to run a private pool or are experienced enough to do so.


I honestly wasn’t complaining. I just like to bump the thread intermittently to increase visibility and the likelihood that more will join up. Talking about luck seemed more interesting than the weather, though actually I managed to get both in there =P


15:05 and all is well, :slight_smile:

Would be nice to get just a few more steady miners. I think a lot of people like to see those pennies slowly adding up in the large pools…
I would just as soon face the odds with Zogpool.org! I
appreciate voxelot’s hard work. I have owned a small business and can relate to that feeling of being all alone at a ridiculous time of night, dealing with issues…
It is also nice to be able to hear from the Dev directly!
Good luck everyone!


I know we have had some more folks come onboard, and I think they stuck with ZP even after that little crash.

I’m battling getting my rig stable (probably a bad card) but I’m back on board for now! Minus a card :frowning:



Hi Voxelot,

Just wondering if you could please share what changes you made to Luckpool to allow the miner to get the full reward.


To join the pool do I need to create an account? I see in the instructions that I’m to setup a password but I don’t see where I can create an account