Posting of derivative software

Hello! In recent days, we’ve seen some derivative software and/or software built to modify existing processes of Zcash mining software and I want to make explicit our stance on the matter.

For all derivatives that illegally modify software due to restrictions in the parent software’s licensing, we do not tolerate the distribution on this forum and moderators will enforce this position. If you see any software infringing on the rights of another developer, please flag the topic so we can take immediate action.

For all derivatives that legally modify software where the parent software has permissible licenses (or a lack of license), we will not take any action unless the software is found to be unsafe for users (ie. contains viruses). We don’t make decisions about what to remove from this forum based on whether it is immoral. Instead, we have guidelines about what we remove from the forum, if a software doesn’t fall into any of the categories, then it is allowed to stay. If your software could be used to modify non-permissible software but does not directly do so itself, it is technically allowed but a disclaimer should be included so users know they should definitely not use your software to infringe on other software developers legal rights.

We would like to promote all software developers to make the software licenses as obvious as possible to potential developers looking to modify it and for the derivatives posted to link to the permissible licenses of the parent software of which they modified.

Our community is growing fast and the moderators are picking up on new issues that arise as the days post-Zcash launch move forward. We thank you for your understanding and feedback regarding any of our moderation policies and help us keep this forum a place for sharing and discussion around all things Zcash!