Price Speculation


I guess they are right, unfortunately. But who knows, maybe later it will recover.


Im gonna say 8 days (why not?!)
Only 14 days till the equinox! Is anybody correlated astrological stuff to crypto? I wonder if there’s something to it…lol

Well its actually pretty accurate sounding! Jokes on me I guess! I know a lot of these articles are designed to sound that way but you read it see what you think, this combined with the bot Traders having learned to collude with price manipulation I think is as good an explanation as any! Bull sign!

So Uranus and Taurus are aligned and everybody uses Zcash by 2026 but thats only like 2500 days and theres a lot of research to do!


really not trying to fud or anything, but i think not only this is not the bottom, but its being dumped harder then ever, Im taking the USDT sell orders as indicator. Number of ZEC being offered, usually if it goes to 4800 its usualy oversold, now its on 5500 and it was ranging between 5100 and 5300 the past month or two while price was steadily going down


There is not enough demand, too many ZEC daily issued resulting in a too high inflation.

Right now across 66 markets only 25% demand and 75% sellers

compared to Bitcoin for example 45% demand and 55% sellers
while most top altcoins are in the 35% demand range.

Than the inflation of around 45%. Massive fake volume on different exchanges.

That’s not FUD, that’s just current reality …


Just found a worksheet on reddit where someone calculated the inflation rates for some crypto currencies. I didn’t double check if they are correct due lack of time, but they seem to be ok on first view:

If the worksheet calculations are correct we can expect an inflation under 10% in year 2023/2024, under 5% in year 2026 and under 3% in year 2029/2030 and below 1% in year 2034 …

with this high inflation my opinion and conclusion is:

  • we can’t really await outperforming BTC/ZEC the next years until we have at least 5-10% inflation
  • too many ZEC are released while not enough use cases/adoption/demand is in place.
  • Zcash should make this matter top priority as it’s directly related to the founding itself as well. Less ZEC value means less available funds for them as well.
  • All our technical advantage is literally worth nothing with this huge inflation, low demand & low incentive to keep ZEC. A possibility to counter this would be switching from POW to POS, but unfortonutly, this won’t happen as obviously the technical research is more important then the economical one.


Privacy and POS dont go together. Breaks my heart that we came to this. Maybe end of year Blossom Update, if we get the GPU miners involved and lower ASIC profitability, we can get some kind of a push. Some ENJ, KNC crap gets used in Samsing S10 and Zcash left out, doesnt even make sense.
(Disclaimer: I dont think mentioned projects are bad, but Zcash with a new mobile wallet, would fit like a glove in a flagship phone like that… maybe iPhone LMXIVII)


I fail to see how a blossom/harmoney update will help against inflation or create in incentive to hold ZEC.

Lower Asic profitability won’t check much, it will just further concentrate the asics in low electricity price regions and that’s it all over. If some rewards are shifted towards a 2nd algo it again doesn’t change the whole issuance and inflation anyway. The same amount of ZEC will be created.

Just out of curiousity why Privacy and POS don’t go together? There are allready several privacy coins on POS with PIVx the most popular, but as well Cloack Coin for example and Bitcoin Confidential to come as well on POS. In my opinion this is a technical matter at all. I can’t think of any other incentive for not dropping ZEC at the moment with 45% inflation rate.

Just as a sidenote. When someday ZEC is fully issued are you still thinking POW is used for the transaction fees? Don’t think so…

Enjin crap or not, price increased ~120% the last 7 days for being included into the Samsung S10. That’s what i call smart (from a projects Point of View). Happy i was able to buy a bag of ENJ when i saw the first leak that ENJ will be included :sunglasses:


Haha yeah smart indeed =D I wonder how many peeps at Samsung had bags full of those shitcoins before release =P


Enjin is a very solid project. A very dedicated team and community. They tour all around the world at many conferences and actually integrated their coins in different videogames.


XMR has caught up, Coinlib has us both at $49.45



seems they even overtook us:

XMR = $50,83
ZEC = $49,98


$51.02 :slight_smile:
Monero $51.20


51.79 Zec
51.25 Mon


Well large caps are all pretty much dead after they made their move earlier, and now because BTC got rejected of 4k they stay idle and wait. Now smaller ones are making their moves in BTC pairs. Zec didnt do any of it , it just lays there. Looks like its resistance more paired to USD then to BTC. And guess who count their profit in USD only. ASIC miners ofcourse


Hope zcash holders are able to make up for the lost opportunities. The Zecbtc pairing looks misrable, someone who had 3 BTC in Dec 18 and converted to zec would have only 1.8 BTC worth now. Those looking at zec fiat pairing do not understand the rapid decline and lost opportunities.


Unfortunatly you are right, there is nothing else to await with our current ~45% inflation rate… And we didn’t hit the bottom yet, i think we will go down as much as 20-30 USD at current BTC price level or compared to BTC 0,0065 …


Just another reason to not move to Texas


“I only ever put in what I could afford to lose”
Remember that doubling down on your freedom is probably a poor choice

The Mt Gox guy got 10 years
Correction- 4 years + 2 1/2 possible in Japanese prison which are some of the most hospitable prisons in the world
So dont worry about him :roll_eyes:
There’s actually a problem with Japanese elderly people purposely getting themselves in prison because they like it better there



ZEC = $53,27 USD Hope it will rise soon.