Problem with balance

my miner count for blocks but my zcash balance is not active


As your client works for the network, you also transfer blocks to support the network.
But you do not get reward for beeing a relay.

how can i get reward .?

By mining coins.

You could set up your zcash client to mine, but miningspeed is very low. And as you would be solo mining, it would take years before you get a coin.

Look into pool mining.
You can poolmine at

And the best miner, imho, is Claymore v8.

thank you very much for your reply.

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You can use your installed wallet to store your coins. But it is tricky to send/receive and check your balance.

There are other wallets that support Zcash.
The one I use to store my coins is JaxxWallet

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he can install Swing Wallet, it makes using the official ZCash wallet very easy through its GUI, very easy to send and check balance

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