Programatic values for mining at a profit


What I’d like to do is programatically pull down the current ZEC / dollar conversion rate, match that against the cost of running my mining rig, and crank them up when the time is right.

A site like has the data I need, but I’d rather not scrape if I can get it via API.



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CoinMarketCap and both have easy-to-use APIs which will give you the information you need.

Unfortunately, your electric company’s API probably isn’t as good, so you may need to estimate your cost per kWh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately, your electric company’s API

I’m half-afraid they’re still using VAX down there.

For now, the servers are in AWS: so it’s spot pricing for me. I will allow the return is not so great, but this is ‘getting my toe wet’ while I think hard about buying or leasing actual hardware.