PSA / Funds stuck in Ledger

Not sure who else is using a Ledger but this may be relevant to anyone that has sent ZEC tokens to this device a while ago.

I couldn’t locate the mnemonic of my ledger but still have the device available, so out of precaution I have purchased a new one so I could transfer the funds to a ledger where I would have the mnemonic details safe and secure.

However, those funds are apparently stuck on the ledger with no way of getting them out. I have contacted the support and this is their answer:

Please note that Zcash (ZEC) app does not support signing transaction versions 1, 2 and 3. It only supports versions 4+. We are currently working on the integration of transaction versions 1, 2 and 3 in the Zcash app.

Trezor was working on shielded transactions, until they weren’t. I am certainly concerned that Ledger may potentially follow the same path for any number of reasons. For that reason I have reached back to them to ask for more details, and they have answered the following:

I understand yoru concern, the team is already working on the integration of older transaction versions. But I don’t have any visibility on when the Zcash app will be integrated.

On my side there’s not a whole lot I can do now aside from being extremely careful with my current ledger device, as well as cross fingers. For those not sure if they may be affected by this, it may be worth checking if you can transfer your tokens out of the device, particularly using the oldest UTXOs (using the Coin Control feature).

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What? Is this for real? Seems like this should be a P0 if so.

I think @hanh has already solved for this:

That would be absolutely great if so, thanks @hloo ! I will try this tomorrow and revert back.

But note that you’ll need to consider the risks of side-loading an app to your device. Since you don’t have your seed phrase, if you side-load and something goes wrong, you could lose all your funds.

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Yeah that seems sketchy af, tbh. Clearly a better solution should be had, but I suppose it’s a decent hack for OP.

I had not realized that I had to use the side-load method in order to do this, thank you for informing me.

I don’t feel comfortable with side-loading at the moment, so I will keep this option as a last resort. Hopefully Ledger will let me access my tokens before anything happens to the device where they are stored.

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If I had to guess it seems that you either received a transaction of an unsupported type or were trying to send to an unsupported address, though I presume the former. In this case I would also advise general caution and patience. It would seem best if you were able to recover the seed then you could restore on a different device or wallet.