Radical “to the moon” thread

I could be wrong, but i’am pretty sure we saw today (last 24 hours a classical pumb & dump) on ZEC. Maybe even twice.

Which exchange? Just one or on many?

again … ZEC/XMR volume on the real 10 metric is almost the exact same

they both dropped $1m volume at the pretty much the same time.

…and an hour later that $1m volume just returned for both ZEC/XMR. amazing!


zcash has a bounce, but right on queue entity dumps at critical levels.

savor the flavor!

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Interesting. Another view. https://coinmetrics.io/charts/#assets=xmr,zec_roll=14_left=TxCnt_right=TxCnt_zoom=1534118400000,1565654400000


in my point of view, why xmr still outperforms zcash price and transaction wise, its not because it has much superior tech, wider usecase and/or greater adoption. in global scale, as for now both are kinda tiny compared to bitcoin as for real use. but xmr has better appreciation among vocal diehard bitcoin herd… err… crowd and opinion leaders/popular crypto “personalities”. i personally like monero and consider it one of decent coins that has some future, but once (amd ofc if) all zcash-based products/wallets/ecosystem will gain some confidence and traction, imho zec has chances to greatly outperform xmr, because its possible niche is much wider.

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I didn’t investigate these closer the last time but it could be a natural logical outcome:

  • XMR with higher prices, less funds get transactioned to exchanges.
  • ZEC with lower prices, more funds get transactioned to exchanges and get sold

or a bit wider:

  • XMR holders are holding more for an even higher price increase
  • ZEC holders buy in more and more at low level prices generating more transactions.

Just in my opinion the most logical explaination of what you are observing, at least at first view.

all possible. might be an optimistic statement here, but would add it’s possible flexa is adding some TX for ZEC.
unfortunately, if flexa is adding any significant ZEC TX - would probably add to selling pressure since flexa is like bitpay, and cashes out to fiat. could be one reason why ZEC/USD’s been shredded.

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Possible as well, but as you said allready it would bring a negative sell pressure effect with it.

I hadn’t the time either to look if there are numbers for flexa available, such like volume for exchanges. If there are such numbers we could make some estiminate of how big of influence it would have, at least getting some idea.

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“We’ll consider additional contracts as the landscape evolves and as we receive additional customer feedback about what they want and need,” the tweet read.

My personal opinion here is that some stronger POS- like coins will have better chances to be the next ones.

If i had to place a bet on which are the next altcoins that make it into Bakkt i would place my bet on:

  • ETH
  • TRX
  • EOS
  • ATOM
    these are in my books the most logical pretenders for the next places due various reasons like POS like design, liquidity, high volume, promising, etc.

I could imagine as well these but i personally wouldn’t bet much here:

  • LTC
  • BCH
  • DASH
    due their popularity and maybe demand.

Bookmarking this post to see how logical guessing/predicting turns out to be true :slight_smile:

eth prolly next. others from this list… i highly doubt that bakkt will touch trx/eos even with a 10 feet pole. its not binance, you know. ltc maybe. bch questionable. dash also doubtful. as for our underperforming gem here… first it has to survive.)

Lol, that post made me laugh all over, lol.

ETH is a no brainer that it’s next.

My personal Bakkt alt prediction is based on several factors, of course it’s more a logical guessing than science right now, lol. But i still hold a bet on these:

Here how i came to the conclusion or what makes me think why these are the first pretenders for the next places at bakkt:

  • High real trading volume, bakkt has to make money too.
  • Position in the Top 20 at least. Everything else doesn’t fit bakkt’s reputation in my opinion.
  • The receiving additonal feedback they mention in their tweet makes me strongly believe it will be a POS like design coin.
  • Must be a well known accepted project, hence why i gave LTC, BCH and DASH some chances as well.
  • I included TRX as i think that it has the best chances as an asia-accepted coin that attracts a lot of asian traders/investors/speculators in my opinion. Was even thinking about which to choose, TRX or NEO, but i think TRX has the better chances.
  • EOS, pure guess, i never had an EOS and don’t plan to have one. I’am even not familar with it to be honest, but the parameteres which are needed for a bakkt inclusion fit in my opinion.
  • ATOM, this one as it’s the most promising one beside the established ones + POS design, makes it an absolute favourite in my opinion. Enough meanwhile at ATOM they don’t mess up something.
  • LTC, naturally after BTC and ETH a naturally choice, i’am hesitating here a bit because there is no developement at all, not sure if this is enough to have it included, i wouldn’t bet much on it but i see it as a possibility.
  • BCH, a risky one, but i’am pretty sure this one establishes better than BSV and is more promising. I agree with you, questionable, even more having in mind the high fake volume it has in generally, but i could imagine it.
  • DASH, that’s the first pretender that comes into mind with some privacy features in place. Hybrid POS-POW, established, only the very high fake volume makes me not including it into the first group.

And as you name it, our gem here. I doubt it will be first, second or even thrid choice. And to be very honest and straight here, due the very low volume we actually have, uncertainity about how ZEC will be handled by regulators or others, see recent coinbase uk delisting. It’s just way too risky to have ZEC soon on board. I bet bakkt is doing everything to have minimal colission with regulators and banks. Not enough community, demand for it, not enough many things at current state. I can’t see ZEC being listed soon on bakkt, sorry again for the believers that bakkt will solve all our price problems.

lol. i mentioned zec just for the sake of relevance to this board. ofc not even close for now.
projects from your list… i dont know. mb i judge too hard… but eth is an estabilished “altcoin champion brand”, has significant venture backing, estabilished corporate entity, second to bitcoin’s ecosystem. despite its dramatically underused. others… atom is too new to say anything about it yet how it will develop. but looks legit and promising. dash is a shady overmarketed venture, thou it has some recognition behind. eth clones are such a blatant gambling vaporware… no, they fit perfectly for common crypto exchanges, but imho not for bakkt format.

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All valid arguments you mentioned, nothing to argue about. Just for fun, make a list of some coins you think are the next alts that are getting included into bakkt. Should be fun to see a year later what happened to our views, lol.

except eth i think no foreseeable candidates for near future. but its my opinion. i still have doubts that all the mainstream crypto story will not eventually encapsulate in bitcoin only story. everything else is still so squeeshy or scammy from the general/institutional point of view.

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Actually this is a very possible outcome i fully agree too as well, could be indeed take place for the next 2-3 years. Up to how greedy bakkt is :slight_smile:

imo, they need to be listed on both gemini & coinbase. gemini’s probably more important.

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