Radical “to the moon” thread

doesnt matter much. if founder and team really need community (sic) advice about future changes of econ model of coin, not some technical improvements proposals, and its not some kind of formal advisory process - it means that they are completely disconnected from market and coin economy, and coin is doomed. and all their social activity is just for fun and mocking holders, and dev fund drama is just a punchline part, because it wouldnt matter how large cut will be and what spending model will be chosen, if they arent in touch with coin market. or they are living in some ivory tower. i’d like to be proven wrong.


WTF …dash gets a USD pair

what did y’all do to piss coinbase off so much @zooko @joshs @acityinohio ??

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Go on, short ZEC… if you dare…

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I smell conspiracy 20 char

Yeah, I’m done with them.


Number go up… :slight_smile: (20 chars)

Does anyone know the difference between Halo and MSFT’s research - they did this last year… I cant find the paper now for the life of me.

This is dated this year… I am sure I read it last year. ah well. it is called spartan.

What do you mean you cant find the paper its right there in the link you posted. Just click on PDF link. Or even better I will post a direct link.

No, I mean Microsoft/spartan had done this before. I didn’t see the point in posting the pdf. the summary is enough.(they had already created a trustless setup)

Halo references that paper twice. once to say how they are not going to use that method because the curves get too big, and another time which is a little more abstract.

So I am not sure how much of what was used in Halo that came from Spartan. My maths is not good enough. I understand the words, I just cant compare the differences.

edit : ah I just realised, that I found the paper and updated the post before the edit timer kicked in so it doesn’t look like I edited it

Ah I see where the confusion was. Anyway the math is hard to understand because one needs to have some background in this particular kind of math. I myself can understand all the symbols and formulas, but lack the background knowledge in order to give a proper response. Naturally the team is very busy working on implementing this so they might not have the time to comment on the forum.

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aye, hopefully busy with all the proposals I submitted today heh. seriously tho. I got a pm about halo a few days ago, but wasn’t in a position to look it up. This was the first I saw of it. Have since found the right thread and asked over there.

I kind of understand how spartan works. (some smart people I know explained it to me, we might use it in a project) so I am pretty interested in how this differs. Im going to go back over that halo paper with some graph paper. heh.

seems like we’re back on track. a very welcome sign!


looks like people are starting to realize the implications of zcash’s latest innovation


At these levels it’ll be very easy for the MM to lose their grip on the mkt, a few fast moves & they’re done.


Pump it Vitalik!


He Did It Before, the etherium community freaked out on him
Looks like a trend hehe :grinning:

vitalik is right. all major cryptos are centralised to some extent. like every human institute. someone controls development, someone have major stakes, etc. including bitcoin, that de-jure not centalised, de-facto - blockstreamcoin nowadays. and ofc including monero. they have no legal entity, but still someone controls main github. foundation. and someone controls major part of premi… err… supply. zcash has difference from above mentioned, that it has dedicated legal entity alongside with foundation, that every decent crypto has nowadays. and thats all. and it doesnt matter much while things are straight and number is up. nobody cares.
its just when number is down, market completely inclines towards gambling vectors, and instead of some demand encouraging initiatives central entity brings up funding issues… here we have a backfire.)


fantastic advice. i really hate pickled zcash.

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