Radical “to the moon” thread

I wish I were more critical of Zcash like some of the other people on here (whom I hope return soon!) and less…cheerleader I guess
Its hard so I just wanna say thank you to everyone who really makes it happen and I’ll try to scrutinize everything more going forward :heart: :zebra: :heart:




What made you come to this conclusion? Not that i don’t agree with you but just curious…

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I just wish I could help more effectively I think

Was I right? O nce a gain, a nd I don 't like what’s going on, but still I assumed that zec would lose in value faster than ETH.
I hope that this is a dump for panic and we will soon recover, I also hope that I am right that zec will overtake the cost of ETH, and of course I hope that I am right that there is something that will allow you to grow in value vertically, up to 1000-1200 dollars (super pump)
Another interesting fact is that at the moment (at a price of up to $ 30), 20% is not enough to cover the expenses of the company and the Fund, even without taking into account the deduction to the founders, I believe that this will not shoot for the better.
Now positive, wallets despite the price remain in their places by the number of coins , it seems that there is a overflow from one wallet to another for volume, but it is in coins that remains as it was in the first 400 wallets (especially large ones in the first 100)
Therefore, I tend to think that all this is a performance.

Where are you bud? Do i still need to re-evaluate myself?

I think we’re done selling now. We rebounded so fast and hopefully we can permanently say goodbye to sub 20 dollar ZEC. Im hoping for a double bottom around 16 but I doubt that’s happening. Congrats to those who bought at below 20.


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zec/btc is close to a low value , and it is not exactly growing, which means that the growth in dollars is only due to bitcoin, and as soon as it stops , we will see a sell -off.


minimal growth, maximum strength.


Further price reduction on the background of reduced strength?

I’ve been buying as much as i can!

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I wish you good luck and a big win

The US-Gov sending checks to every american has got to be the biggest hint hint wink wink ever. without outright saying “The jig is up” they are preparing Americans for a world where dollars wont buy air!

That bill failed, it hasn’t stopped the feds multi-trillion Lending project however

You can’t even buy fractional silver right now. Wait til you can’t purchase one whole zec.


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But the $2 trillion one passes
One representative thought to block it because it’s a terrible idea to which every other representative replied boo this evil coronavirus man

Fear turns to anger and thats no shit

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“Hinted Zcash could be onboarded next…”