Radical “to the moon” thread

Follow up :point_up:

“So even though the obfuscation on Zcash is stronger due to the zk-SNARK encryption, Chainalysis can still provide the transaction value and at least one address for over 99% of ZEC activity,” Chainalysis said.”

At first I was like “well what does that mean?” and then I just started laughing LOL ok thanks Chainalysis real bang-up job!

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Interesting take:

Jonathan Levin, chief of strategy at Chainalysis, said the additions may prompt exchanges to consider relisting or adding dash and zCash, both of whom have been delisted from global exchanges in the past.

“We seek to provide transaction monitoring software to anyone who wants o be able to transact in different currencies, and I think that we may see businesses become more comfortable with these coins as a result,” he said.

(Emphasis mine)

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This is was the fakest of all fake news.

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Today’s the day, right? The one when the zECC wallet code gets released?

Yep. 10 chars.


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I wouldnt be surprised if BTC pukes and destroys our 2 month “rally” . nevertheless, excited to resume buying as we are below 50 usd. Im actually hoping for a retest of 16 there are some wicks that need to be eaten:

Over to the ZEC/ETH chart, looks like a clear double bottom(a big one too).

Same bullish story over on the BTC market, one word to describe momentum…strength.


prepare for launch


A word on removing T addresses, I’ve heard it going around lately the new wallet does it but it goes against the mission statement of the ECC the ZFND and even the YCF

Empowering people on their own terms with the knowledge to make informed, consenting decisions about financial privacy and not removing that freedom of choice

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Remember that we’re spoiled guys


too quiet around here. exchange rate‘s moving in the right direction, volume’s around $30M… ZEC’s looking good! yeeee


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Gold crossing of the 100-day EMA over the 200-day EMA.
Good bullish signal. :muscle:

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When and the moon? something we plunge for a long time.

Chainalysis Circus act 3! https://www.coindesk.com/elliptic-follows-chainalysis-in-adding-zcash-to-monitoring-platform

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ZEC hashrate ATH

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So in my opinion it will be clearer, the complexity is always up, the price and active wallets down.