Radical “to the moon” thread

Shhh! Don’t tell everyone, wait until after payday


One of the main reasons I like the team behind Zcash is because they seem to do their best to keep them self intellectually honest. I can’t prove this and I could be wrong, but from game theory perspective I think shilling for the sake of shilling could be beneficial in the short term and on the other side hurtful in the long term. That is so because you change from reason to ideology. And I personally prefer reason because it is more sustainable as well as adaptive


Would be nice to have an exchange with all zec pairs. Hey not sure if y’all noticed this but in the ledger live app the smallest denomination option for ZEC is sat. Is there an official term for the smallest unit of ZEC yet? I think sat is fine. Ledger should leave it like that. ZEC could replace BTC and it’s a kick back to Satoshi imo. Sat fits just fine. Though some BTC maximalists will go ballistic when they see this

Zats, although it’d be funnier if we called them Zits


Sats still make sense though too

— what exactly does ZEC stand for anyways?

Zero knowledge Electric Cash ?

I have always assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that “ZEC” was originally derived from the legal name of the Electric Coin Company, which at some point was (and perhaps still is) “Zerocoin Electric Coin Company”.

But now, due to how the public uses the term, I believe that the term “ZEC” has taken on meaning independent of its origin. So it is no longer an acronym.

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always thought it meant

Zero Electric Cash

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not something i’m trying to brag about, but i pretty much invented twitter/trollbox shilling. through the years i’ve learn there’s a balance between looking desperate/insincere (using bots), and honest shilling. been thinking about this for a minute, and think i know how to strike the almost perfect balance. what we need is a outside content site that posts zcash related material, and maybe news that could tie in to ZEC. also need about 2-3 full time people that monitor all social media platforms of significance to correct FUD, and comment on posts from accounts with large reach. this is a form of honest shilling… my thoughts are still somewhat incomplete on this, but when finalized - i’ll write an effort post to gauge community support. if there’s support for a “guerrilla marketing” campaign; might ask for a grant from ZF to accomplish a possibly sustained campaign.


heh. old style “shilling” is barely working now. fully planned campaigns are even struggling, if standalone.
meanwhile, ecc updated their position to proposals. expect some new show?)
looks like i’ll never fill my bags.

this is mostly because shills in today’s world don’t understand how memetics, or magick works. the old skool shills are mostly retired nowadays, and spend their time shitposting.

when i think about it - a lot of the top shills (shitposters with an agenda) ended up getting hired by corporations, political organizations, and government when said entities figured out meme magick is real, and highly effective.

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bitcoin is a non-fungible tracking token.

bitcoin is an anti-sound money surveillance network.

bitcoin could become a tool of oppression.

3 examples of memes in their very earliest form. i’ve seen other accounts in other places that aren’t me, and haven’t coordinated anything with me use this terminology (only been pushing it from 1 small twitter account for a short time). with an actual sustained campaign these 3 statements will be memed into reality, because those statements are correct.


I’d be down to help fund this with some restrictions on tactics — outright trolling / antagonizing people would have to be ruled out, and the whole arrangement would have to be transparent. If that sounds good, let’s talk. Otherwise you’re on your own :stuck_out_tongue: Although I will watch with interest.


I’m in… meming crayons sharpened & ready.

Edit: Some tag lines…

  • Its the ZEConomy, stupid.
  • Simple ZEConomics.
  • Cash or ZEC
  • Do you really want to know where your money has been? (BTC being trackable)

; ) would definitely bet against this prediction


Soon they will all join us. Most just don’t know it yet or can not admit it.

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market dead. price at bottom. hashrate climbing ath again. mad world.)

Hey, at least we’re like trying! :zcash:

well there goes 40… =(

It all depends on where the daily candle closes…i dont think it’ll close near 40 or even 38. If we do, bull is still in play…otherwise support is broken and we are in uncharted territory.

5 dollar bottom?

Everything seems to crash, I hope last years scenario repeats itself cuz I’m stacked.

There was a sudden drop…