Radical “to the moon” thread


I hope this doesn’t jinx it, but right now there’s a buy wall on Kraken thats 525 ZEC high.



You called it out and now it will disappear…:)…like double slit in quantum if you observe it will not happen.


How come dash in not in the over marketed list, I saw a few mentions of they spending a lot of money on PR and marketing?


Idk, I didnt make it and I certainly don’t weigh heavy on it, I just like it


Interesting, with some someone can agree, with others less mentioned there.

Totally agree in overmarketed with EOS, IOTA, Tron, Ripple, Lisk and i personally would add ETH and BTC in.


zcash is grossly under marketed. outside of block chain conferences our marketing is basically nonexistent. current zcash marketing seems to be direct sales (outreach to exchanges, etc). direct outreach has been second to none. marketing is lacking.


think about this - basically, US citizens funded development of the zerocash protocol, and there’s not a single US based exchange on our top 10 list of markets (almost all our top are asia based - that’s a good thing, but USA needs to participate for the big win). if people in the US understood they helped fund a cryptocurrency’s development (first time in history this has happened); should be the easiest sale in history. do you use the cryptocurrency you helped fund, or something like litecoin which was built by a goober nobody knows or likes?!!


Ah yes another green day for most of the crypto landscape ( DASH up 4%) while ZEC is still in hibernation.


Can we have some opinions on what can turn zash into a investment that grows over time? The high inflation factor is acknowledged, what can be done to counter it so that price has a better chance to inch up? I personally feel marketing is an area that can be worked upon, the coin can have the best tech but if slow at growing the community will be left behind. How about zcash promotional videos in different languages? Sorry if thats already been done…:)…any other ideas?


Just to add a little perspective - I played with a spreadsheet to look at inflation, it really changes depending on the period you measure it over.

You can measure inflation over a year which is the way its normally done & right now its approx 47%. That’s a really nasty number but not the full story as it doesn’t indicate how things will change over the short term.

Here’s what it looks like on a PER WEEK basis :-

Right now, 4% (which sucks)
Feb 2019, 3.85%
Mar 2019, 3.7%
Dec 2019, 2.78%
Dec 2020, 2.08%
Jan 2020, 1.21% (just after first halving)

These were very rough calculations, doesn’t take into account the slow start etc - maybe someone with better ‘Excel-Fu’ can produce something definitive.


having in mind these are per week %'s even in January 2020 it’s really bad if you compare it to the year inflation of BTC at around 3.6%

Just anyway realized that your calculation seems to be a per month basis, not week, or?
No time to doublecheck it…


Its calculated for the first week (7 day period) of the months listed. Sorry, I wasn’t very clear.

Agree it sucks compared to BTC, but it sucks a lot less after a few months.


looks like more testing times ahead.


been saying this for years. bitcoin’s a non-fungible tracking token. large institutions are very weary of buying high TX bitcoin.

“This “clean bitcoin” is more sought after by institutional investors because it cannot possibly have been involved in money-laundering operations, and according to Ikigai hedge founder Travis Kling, can be sold at a 20 percent premium”



I guess Lightning ‘launders’ BTC.

Send BTC to a LN wallet, spend to a different LN wallet, extract to a regular wallet… meanwhile LN leaks your IP address to anyone who cares to watch.


I’m pretty sure the ASIC release in bear market territory created a race to the bottom. The first miners with ASIC that are in it purely for the money would be selling their coins, as more enter the market, the pressure continues, and then it becomes a race to the bottom/ROI. Eventually that bottom is hit, and as more miners enter the market, ZEC has to go up, or miners have wasted their money on equipment if they don’t have free power. ZEC difficulty has continued to rise until recently, which to me would indicate we are close to or have seen the bottom. Obviously I could be wrong, and you can’t account for a black swan event, but that’s my take on it and explanation of why ZEC had fallen as much as it has.




Apparently, one of the THREE crypto ATMs here in Santiago supports ZEC… guess I’ll have to go check it out.