Radical “to the moon” thread


i stopped reading-after-reading the title of the piece. if wall street is on “stealth mode” why do they keep making public announcements!



It might be possible to censor all private transactions, but not individual private transactions.

Bitcoin is the antithesis of private, all transaction amounts and sender/receiver addresses are visible in the public ledger for all to see. In contrast, Zcash private transactions (z-address to z-address) encrypt the transaction amounts and the sender/receiver addresses.


Exactly my thought what might be possible. Maybe i’am not using the right wording for it, but for me it’s compromising privacy IF it is possible to censor all private transactions.

Actually it would be interesting to have a comment from an expert on this field if such scenario is possible at all.

Maybe the last posts about privacy should be moved to another topic!


I’m actually surprised to see so many comments in a thread like this ahaha



Wow! Impressed how this was contained & resolved, great work.



when i think about it - most our volume is coming from asia. so, it would be a good assumption asians are suppressing ZEC exchange rates. i find that interesting since i belive asia will be making big waves in the crypto markets this year. positive news from asia could have a larger effect on markets than any bitcoin ETF.

specifically china


It’s a bumper dumper chart pattern for zcash​:crazy_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::crazy_face: No support at all gave up all gains of the day in two 30 minute candles, i’am talking about the ZECBTC chart, still Can be happy as it crossed $50.


Bought zec yesterday at around 40eur piece, nice😎 would buy some more…


I need some good news, uh wait a bit, the whole market does


I went to bed the market cap was 111bil checked it 10min ago, boom 121bil. Thats a decent jump


This low price zec has right now is opportunity to buy, its not gonna last forever. I have a feeling this SALE will end soon, so buy now or you will regret.


Yeah, there is quite little resistance before 100$ so there is a chance for a massive pump. Can it happen separately from Bitcoin though?


Unfortunatly NO, just my opinion…


Maybe, but we’re more likely to be stuck between USD 50 and EUR 50 for a while yet - assuming BTC behaves.



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Zcash charts look gloomy, I checked rankings at Messari:

Volume- Number 7
Market cap- Number 22
Recovery from recent Low 8% -Number 66
Down from ATH - 95% - Number 50+
Inflation - Number 1

If we make a chart of overall performance zcash needs a lot of catching up to do, what’s worrying is price support which is very weak looking at the quick falls it has been making after every recovery attempt.


To be fair we have to add the following on the messari stats:

  • inflation is only shown for some coins, unfortunatly, actually very little coins have inflation rate shown
  • ZEC goes on market cap all the time btw. 19 and 22 the last weeks …
  • Down from ATH 95%, other coins have less, because they are just released after the December 2017 hype and bullish run, hence they are down less as they never had such high like ZEC for example.