Random analysis

this is one of many stories originating from germany https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/68nh7q/knock_knock_police_you_have_bitcoins/
german government does actively track bitcoin’s block chain.

2 possible (imo) BTC scenarios will be playing out, and neither is good.

  1. le pen wins french elections:
    a) euro crashes
    b) remaining EU nations start to panic; BTC hodlers, and their networks will be targeted as “russian agents”, or “terrorist financiers”.

  2. BTC continues it’s rise into the $3-5,000 range:
    bitcoin at this price range will make BTC hodlers targets for robbery, and possible blackmail via rouge agents/agents of the state… could go on, but believe you see where I’m going with this… last few years bitcoiners have let their guard down in a false feeling of security… times will change, and people that were sloppy with coin control will be targeted.


euro is toast anyways… le pen might hasten the process (good) this piece could be some CNBC propaganda before the election, but, “capital controls might be necessary”. have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this KeK.gg
thing-is, tracking BTC is no problem for the french authorities. zcash is much better suited for capital flight.

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