Red Fridays......Why?

So as most of you, if not all, have noticed that on Fridays there is such a drop in the overall crytocurrency market. Why though? Trading is 24/7 with global input. Do you think it is a widespread change to fiat on Fridays or something else going on? Let’s see what we can brainstorm!

It’s defiantly not a red day for BTC.

I personally don’t see BTC hitting below 1800 in a long long time since the world has its eyes on BTC and laws are implemented now for crypto. So much fiat is hitting BTC that it can bounce around 2000s but will most likely be going up IMO

money is chasing BTC, RN! will return! unsure we’ll see a pure weekend sell-off

side note - main reason for friday sell-offs in the past is wall street, and large players don’t trade on weekends.