Remove Address from wallet

Is there anyway I can completely remove a certain address and corresponding private keys from my wallet file? Thank you kindly. :slight_smile:

edit - So i emptied that particular address and it disappeared from my list of addresses. How would i go about removing the history of the transactions from that address? It is a t_address.

Thanks again!

I don’t advise to do so. You would lose the ability of spending funds that someone could send to that address, without any real gain.

If it is a problem of user experience, it might be better to use a script that filters them from the output.

One of the thing i have in my to-do list for pyzcto is to add an option for filtering certain addresses from the output, but I probably won’t have time to work seriously on that until July).

Thanks for your response @miguelmarco. Was more of a privacy related question. e.g, I spend 5zec to buy some adult fetish clown porn that I really wanted. I could then remove the transaction so no one with access to my wallet could associated the spend with my filthy fetish.