Remove address from Zcash4win

When I first started to use zcash4win I imported a couple of addresses from Jaxx. I’ve since stopped using Jaxx and now only use the full node wallets and an exchange.

Is there a way I can remove the two Jaxx addresses that show up in my zcash4win wallet? They are merely redundant.

Thank you for any help.

It isn’t necessary to remove an address from your wallet, when you start the node it automatically keeps 100 transparent addresses for you to use as sending/receiving/change (known as your keypool).

I have the same problem…multiple addresses… how do we remove addresses we are NOT using?

It is not a problem.
I would categorize this request more as an aesthetic desire.

Zcash4win is not developed or maintained by the zcash company and this type of questions should be asked directly to zcash4win support…

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As I mentioned before, removing addresses is not advisable. If you send a transaction you have to have addresses in your keypool to receive the change, if your keypool is empty you can lose the change from a transaction. This behavior is inherited from Bitcoin.

Change - Bitcoin Wiki