RFP - Unified Address support & implementation by exchanges

Hello everyone - our second RFP for 2023 is for Unified Address support & implementation by
exchanges. This is open to all exchanges which support Zcash.

The RFP is available in PDF format for sharing here .

Proposals for this RFP can be submitted here.

Project Description

The Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) committee is inviting qualified companies
(Grantee(s)) to submit a proposal to integrate unified addresses on their platform for all
Zcash deposits and withdrawals.

Zcash is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that provides users with the option to make
transactions that are either transparent or shielded. The current address format used by
exchanges allows for transparent transactions only. However, the introduction of the unified
address format provides users with the optionality of using the Orchard shielded pool,
transparent transactions, ecosystem wallets, and in the future will provide access to Zcash
shielded assets. Exchanges are not required to support shielded transactions and may
complete the requirements of the RFP by adding support for parsing transparent
addresses from the unified address format.

The integration of the unified address format into exchanges is one of the highest priorities
across the Zcash ecosystem. This integration will allow users to take advantage of the full
range of privacy options offered by Zcash, and will also improve the overall security and
privacy of transactions on the platform.

The Grants Committee is committed to funding the integration of the unified address format
into exchanges and is looking for proposals from exchanges that demonstrate a
commitment to this goal. The committee will prioritize funding for those proposals that
clearly articulate the benefits of the unified address format, the steps necessary for its
integration, and the technical expertise and resources required to complete the project.

The integration of the unified address format is an important step in the growth and
development of the Zcash ecosystem, and the Grants Committee is committed to
supporting its adoption and implementation. The exchange chosen to integrate the unified
address format will play a critical role in shaping the future of the Zcash ecosystem, and
the Grants Committee is eager to work with the chosen exchange to bring this project to

The relationship between the winning Grantee(s) and ZCG shall be that of a grantee and
grantor, governed by standard grant terms and conditions.

2. Project Assumptions

The following assumptions were made in the development of this Scope of Work:

  • Technical Expertise: The exchange has the necessary technical expertise and
    resources to complete the project and integrate the new wallet type and unified
    address format into the platform.
  • Adequate Funding: The grants committee will provide adequate funding to cover
    all reasonable costs associated with the project, including development,
    hardware, software, and licensing costs.
  • User Adoption: Users will adopt the unified address format, and there will be no
    significant resistance to the change.
  • Technical Compatibility: The unified address format will be technically compatible
    with the exchange platform and will not require significant modification or updates
    to the platform.
  • Ongoing Support: The exchange will provide ongoing support and maintenance
    to ensure the continued functionality and security of the unified address format.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: The unified address format will be in
    compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to
    security, privacy, and data protection. Exchanges may parse the transparent
    address from a UA and are not required to use shielded pools.

These assumptions are based on the understanding that the project will be executed in a
professional and timely manner, and that the exchange and the Grants Committee will work
together to ensure its success. Any changes to these assumptions or any unforeseen
circumstances that may arise during the project will be communicated promptly and addressed
in a collaborative manner.

3. Scope of Work

Problem statement

  • This grant covers the integration of a new address schema for Zcash
    transactions using a unified address format. The objective is to have all
    transactions to and from the exchange use the unified address format.

  • The transactions do not need to be shielded by default and exchanges
    may continue to send transparent transactions in the new format.

  • The work will be prioritized in the exchange’s backlog and the grants
    committee is committing to covering reasonable costs for development.

Project goals and Required Elements (if applicable)

  • The goal of this project is to provide a seamless and secure experience
    for users who transact in Zcash on the exchange, and to ensure that the exchange is in compliance with current best practices for Zcash wallet infrastructure.
  • A successful implementation of the unified address format requires an
    exchange’s users to be able to send ZEC to a unified address and receive
    ZEC by providing the user a unified address.

Project tasks

  • Analysis and assessment of the current Zcash wallet infrastructure and
    existing address formats supported by the platform
  • Development and integration of the new unified address format for Zcash
  • Testing and quality assurance of the new wallet type to ensure its
    compatibility with the exchange platform.
  • Deployment and implementation of the new wallet type, including any
    necessary updates to the exchange’s user interface.
  • User training and documentation to ensure smooth adoption of the new
    wallet type.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the continued functionality
    and security of the unified address format.

Project deliverables

  • Deployment plan: A high level plan outlining the steps necessary for
    deploying the new wallet type and unified address format on the
    exchange platform, including any necessary updates to the user interface.
  • Training/Informational materials: A set of training materials for users,
    which could include blog post, videos, presentations, and step-by-step
    guides, to ensure smooth adoption of the unified address format specific
    to your platform

4. Supporting Documents (delete if there are no attachments)



A highly valuable RFP proposal that we Zcash ambassadors should support. The implementation of unified addresses on exchanges is critical to the adoption of Zcash and its entire proposition for financial privacy globally.


ZL Viridian is interested in collaborating on this.


This is awesome, and a great way to move the needle forward for shielded adoption in Zcash!

I’m invigorated at how the Zcash community is taking the lead on more and more fronts. This is an item that’s been important at ECC, yet it’s been pushed out due to conflicting priorities.

I’d like to post some more thoughts or advice on this RFP after I check in with the current efforts within ECC.


@nathan-at-least brought this to my attention and asked that I follow-up here.

I love the idea and look forward to seeing the uptake! We stopped proactively reaching out to exchanges about UA adoption shortly after the sandblasting attack as it effectively shut down the wallets that had made UAs available.

We have strong relationships across the ecosystem of major exchanges, and it is our intent to re-initiate those conversations once ECC releases a new SDK and broader wallet UA support is available. @BethECC is on point for our team, and we’ll be sure to highlight this opportunity and we start to re-engage in conversations.