Risers experts : help me powering up my 8 RX 570 rig

i’m planning to have a rig with 8 AMD rx 570
with 2 psu eVGA gold 750w
the problem here with risers
I’m really confused and need advice about the best riser type can bear heavy power withdraw
most people say the SATA type is the worst and the SATA socket melts and get burn
they say the ver008 is better also ver 009 with 6 pin
but the strange things is
even 6 pin risers have SATA socket on the other end which connects to the PSU rail
and the SATA to MOLEX riser also has SATA socket from the end connecting to the riser
I’m really confused
if the SATA socket is weak so How it’s present in 6 pin risers?

I’ve heard the best ones are pcie to pcie risers. It depends if you have non gpu pcie slots on your motherboard and then you can buy risers for those. I’ve never used them though so idk.

I hope I helped!

do you have a photo of this type
or a buying link ??

what about powering the M.2 TO PCI-E .

power cable & socket seems very weak specially from the adaptor’s end.

is it safe to plug in an RX570
and which is safer the molex cable or the sata?
on long term use??

These http://www.ebay.com/itm/221954979256

Though these.might work http://www.ebay.com/itm/192237640633
I feel.like usb three would have a pretty big bottleneck

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I’ve never even.see one. Sorry

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those usb once doesn’t bottleneck them at all

It’s a matter of current draw on +12V.
If you buy a riser with 4 pin molex minimate, use that plug.
If you buy a riser with 6 pin Pcie molex use that plug. Ignore the sata power adapter they give you unless its a very low power draw card that draws mostly from the auxiliary power ports, not the slot.

In summary, make sure you can supply 75watts to the riser.

My rigs use sever PSUs with ONLY 12V output. So I only use the 6pin pcie versions. They have both 12 to 5v and 5 to 3.3v converters on them. The 4 pin and sata ones depopulate the 12v to 5v buck because they have 5v supplied by the connector.

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