Running closed source miners in isolated environments

To restrict access to sensitive data you can run closed source miners in isolated environments.
For example, to run Optiminer in Bubblewrap isolation you can run the following:

bwrap \
	--proc /proc \
	--dev /dev \
	--ro-bind /sys /sys \
	--ro-bind /usr/lib /usr/lib \
	--ro-bind /lib64 /lib64 \
	--ro-bind /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf \
	--ro-bind /etc/OpenCL/vendors /etc/OpenCL/vendors \
	--dev-bind /dev /dev \
	--ro-bind /tmp/optiminer-zcash/ /optiminer \
	--chdir /optiminer \
    	/optiminer/optiminer-zcash -s SERVER -u USER -p PASS

You can also use the following to isolate:

  • systemd service
  • flatpak
  • snap

Has anyone tried to run miners in some kind of isolation? Please share.

its good idea to run closed source or any software in an isolated or emulated enviroments, until you verify that software will do you no harm.

but still, a professional mine rig would only runs its own task as “Mining”, so keep your software sources “Clean” , don’t use software from untrusted or source you are not sure with.

best luck, happy mining