Running miners in background?

Probably a quick one: i'm unable to find an option to run either str4d's or nicehash's miner as a background process / deamon. For str4d the -daemon option is just ignored. Using Linux standard commands e.g. bg/fg doesn't work. So, probably I'll end up using daemon or something like that but I wonder if there's no other option?

What are you guys using to run the miners in the back?

i've used "screen" for monero say
here's a sampleof my start stop script, not perfect ... obviously the stop is still evolving .. but i lost interest :slight_smile:
#! /bin/bash -u
# $1 - start|stop $2 - PIDFILE
case "$1" in
screen -S bitmonerod -d -m
screen -S bitmonerod -X stuff "echo \$\$ > $2$(printf \r)"
screen -S bitmonerod -X stuff "$MONERO_BIN$(printf \r)"
screen -S bitmonerod -X stuff "exit$(printf \r)"
while ps -fU monero | grep $MONERO_BIN | grep -q -v grep ; do
sleep 1
screen -S bitmonerod -X stuff "exit$(printf \r)"