Secret Network

Could someone kindly explain Secret Network and how it differs from Zcash? Is this an L2 security solution for smart contracts? Less? More?

Sorry I can’t do that.

It’s a secret.

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You’re killing me ;-))))))

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Usually it’s me who should be doing the killing after I tell you all about it!

In all honesty, I don’ t know a ton about it, I’m afraid…

Secret Network Overview | Private Smart Contracts on the Blockchain looking here, it seems like they are doing something similar to where Zcash will be going.

The IBC with Cosmos (ATOM) is especially interesting to me. I hope Zcash can benefit from ATOM as well with the move to PoS/ZSAs/etc.

I will say the people promoting it seem incessant on doing so through Twitter Zcash reply threads :wink:


Thank pkr :pray:t3:

Anyone from ECC/ZOMG/ZF have any thoughts?

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The fact that they rely their privacy on the proprietary Intel SGX makes me wonder how sustainable that would be. Also, private transactions on Secret Network still reveals a lot of infos such as the address you use and specific smart contracts you interact. So, for example, the public will know that your address have sent certain tokens but not the amount. That is a lot of metadata that shouldn’t have been public.


On the topic of SGX. It’s not really a good idea to depend your freedom on proprietary tech.

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Secret Network is the first and only mainnet layer 1 blockchain to feature privacy by default for smart contracts and applications

This appears significant…