Send Zcash and two days none

Hello. Tell me, what the problem? I’m send (09.08.2017 10:21 UTC+03:00) Zcash from cryptonator to my zcash address t1Zqd8GvcRuoBxjebdeSQk3K6XZNHZSUrwr and two days none result. When search transaction on Zchain - “Page not found” for 2c0a903b438e9a055225b30a61b58ee9221556e07899c1522335e5c19f01eda8

hm that is weird, I see a txn around then to that address, but not with that txn id:


i don’t know what to tell you, that txn is not showing up in either public zcash explorer. You need to get ahold of wherever you sent it from, there’s nothing anyone else can do to help since its not showing up on the blockchain.