(SOLD) A Modest Proposal - Auctioning 80+ Sols/s of dirt-cheap ZEC power! ~ under 1 minute till end! Get ~ 88 Hashes at a price for 80!

HAHAHA oops read that wrong lol

1: 30 days
2: $0.65/sol

I'm in

  1. 30d
  2. $1.5

Hey all, thank you for your offers, great to see the auction kickoff! :slight_smile: Happy bidding!

Just to clarify 'cause I saw some people in other threads were confused about Sols/s measurement in ZEC, it is the same as H/s, so when you are calculating profits on any calculator, 1 Sol/s = 1 H/s. And here is one that you can use. > http://www.coinwarz.com/calculators/zcash-mining-calculator

Cool offer, undercutting big hash sellers big time. 1) 30 days 2) 1.6$

(Updated)Current bid standing: Leading from highest to lowest. (Auction ends on Sunday, 11/6/2016 at 23PM, GMT+1)

1) @ROLLOTOMASI with $1.90 for 30 days.
2) @Inkognitoa with $1.85 for 30 days.
3) @brookc with $1.75 for 30 days.
4) @lustro with $1.70 for 30 days.
5) @R0m4n with $1.5 for 30 days.
6) @x3lbsObaconx with $0.65 for 30 days.

Thank you for your bids and good luck till the end!

Note to all: I will be ending the auction at 23 PM instead of 2 AM, because I figure that people need to sleep. That way, everything gets setup with the winner and mining starts well before 00.00 hours. (GMT +1) (Auction ends on Sunday, 11/6/2016 at 23PM, GMT+1)

30 days @ $1.70. (bonus characters here)

30 days @ $1.75/sol ------

Just wanted to point your attention to the comparison I added at the end of my post, this is as big of a profit margin as you can make! :slight_smile:

Less than 13 hours till the end of the auction! :slight_smile:

New offer $1.85 @ 30 days. Could you mine on suprnova? I have rigs running there so thatd be great

Hi, thank you for your offer!

Yeah, absolutely, can mine on any pool, the ones I listed were the ones I figured people would be most interested in, no problem! :slight_smile:

Here's an expanded list then: flypool, nanopool, miningpoolhub, nicehash ZEC pool, nicehash Equihash pool, suprnova, coinmine, coinsforall.

Seems like there is still huge interest in cloud mining. I might rent out my GPUs also after seeing these amazing offers.

Only advice I can give you is to NOT accept Paypal due to payment reversals. BTC payments only and maybe with escrow.


If they send payment as a gift then it's ok with Paypal

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Those can VERY EASILY still be reversed by doing a chargeback. Trust me, never do Paypal with anything related to BTC.

Hi @adaseb, yeah, I'm really happy with the interest shown so far, I put my trust into bidders being serious with their offers because that is the only way for mutual profit as I figure. :slight_smile:

Also thank you for the input about PayPal, I looked it up about chargebacks, and so far what I've found is that they list the following reasons for it:

Customer claims to have never received the goods as promised at the time of purchase;
Customer was shipped an item that was very different from the seller's description, or the item was damaged when the buyer received it; or
Customer claims they did not authorise the purchase, they did not make the purchase, or they were victims of identity or credit card theft.

I guess this relates more to tangible goods, but in this case, it should work as well, since it's a service I'm providing, although I might be wrong. Do you think it would be sufficient proof to have mining logs to prove that hashrate has been delivered in accordance to the agreement? (pool stats and miner-side stats, I'll be keeping logs as well), so would that be enough to prevent a chargeback?

Listen, if you don't believe me ask in "Bitcointalk" forum.

Any mention of "Bitcoin" to Paypal and not only will they reverse your transaction, they will blacklist your account even if its in good standing.

I would ONLY accept Paypal if the buyer is a trusted individual with great feedback however since this forum is new there isn't any trust ratings.

Okay, yeah, I see what you mean now regarding PayPal and virtual currencies, I notice also people had trouble primarily because bitcoin was mentioned in the payment form, however, a lot of users say that when the money was sent for "other" or just as a gift, as @Xereo suggested, it was fine.

I guess it'll come down to the agreement between me and the winner of the auction, what works best for both parties, thank you for a fair warning! :slight_smile:

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Important notice : Auction ends in 4h, at 11 PM, all bids are final by that point.