[Solved] - How to add existing address

I have created t and z addresses with the zcash windows wallet and want to use the wallet with linux. How can I add my existing addresses there without to create new addresses ?


I don’t know what path the windows port uses but it seems like you should only need to copy the wallet.dat file from your windows installation to the linux .zcash folder.

C:\User\<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\Zcash

That’s where you’ll find your wallet.dat.

There is also an option to backup your wallet in zcash4windows if that’s what you’re using.

thanks for your answers and help

This might be something I’m doing wrong, but I have never been able to get the built-in backup/export wallet option to work. I should bring that up to the developer. Sorry, not intending to hijack the thread. You got your answer and I’ll mark the thread as solved! :slight_smile:

There is indeed a bug and it saves to your user folder regardless of what folder you chose to save in.


Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile: