Solved: MSI Z170A SLI PLUS - 1 to 6 GPU Problem

So I solved my issue and you probably won’t believe the error.

I got two identical rigs. So what I did was to power on my second with but with a different psu.

It worked. My first guess was, hmmm maybe my Motherboard is broken. Whatsoever, luckily I bought two corsair power supplies a week ago. Powered my first rig on with the corsair psu and everything worked.

So, I am kinda suprised because I powered the risers via sata cables. The sata calbes powered my ssd so I believe that the EVGA 1200 P2 Platinum cannot power riser cables. I got two of them and non worked…

Kinda crazy

Strangely, when I have 7 cards (MSI 1060 3GB) running at stock speeds with

nvidia-smi -pl 100

it all runs fine, at around 273 sols/s for all cards. However, when I overclock at all, all cards drop down to about 15W usage, and extremely low hash rates. Overclock with 4 cards got me ~295 sol/s for four cards.

Will continue to investigate to see if I can find what’s causing the OC to bork all the cards. (Ubuntu 16.04.3 Server headless).

good friends

I commented, I have a rig with 8 GPU 1060 3gb working on the M5 z170a board, 7 gpu connected to the PCI and PCI-E ports. and one connected to one of the PCI-E ports that are added, I have a free port. but when I connect a GPU in that port it does not recognize me.

I have Ethos.
current is not, and probe connecting in the other port and it works.

My question is ?

Should I modify something in the bios to recognize the 2 PCI-E ports?
I want to connect the 9 GPU