Splitting zcash at least by 100 would be good (multiply circulation supply by 100 to 1000)

It would be good if circulating supply would be increased by 100 times or 10000 times making scash optically cheap so normal investors don’t fear to buy it…

bad idea! imo, scarcity is one of the main features of a cryptocurrency!

But not many will buy a currency costing 30000€

at those levels rates will most likely be quoted in millizecs, or smaller units.


Plenty buy bitcoin at its crazy high prices,there is a reason zcash and all digital coins are divisible by 8 decimal points,for day to day use small amounts can be sent but for investment it's better the coin holds more value,we don't want to end up like these currencies where 50 Billion Zimbabwean Dollars were worth 0.33 U.S. Dollars,I think it's human nature that when a coin is worth big amounts the more we want it which ads value.