Stability Problems with an 8 GTX 1080 Ti Rig

Hey everyone, I really could use some help and advice. I just finished an 8 gpu build using gtx 1080 Ti’s. The mobo I used was ASRock Z270 KILLER SLI/AC LGA 1151 Intel Z270 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Motherboards - Intel. I’m running Windows 10 and can run 6 stable however when add even just one to the m.2 adapter, I have zero stability. I get almost constant program restarts due to unspecified launch failures or get hard system freezes. I’m using 32 Gb of virtual memory and 8 Gb of physical memory. I’m also running a SSD and an i3. I’ve tried two different brands of m.2 adapters and have the same problem. Should I try an Asus Prime board?

Did you download the Nvida driver before installing the gpus?

Yes I did, I do believe

did you configure bios correctly?
try disabling all controllers you don’t need.

I would suggest you to use simplemining for 8 1080ti’s, you can resell ssd for almost same price or can use it for another system. Installing simplemining on a 16gb usb stick takes 10 minutes and launching it and configuring it take less than 30 minutes. Simplemining figures out all the rest, best drivers, software updates and so on…
I would test 1 card with afterburner on windows and find the best OC settings before booting up simplemining.

Even if you have no linux knowledge there is no difficulty to set simplemining up, 2 hours on youtube should be enough to learn the basic setup.