Start-up capital of$ 1,200 - what are the options for creating a farm for mining zcash for?

start-up capital of$ 1,200 - what are the options for creating a farm for mining zcash for?

  1. To buy and configure Antminer S9-13.5 TH/s

write step by step how to configure and podkluchit. how much per month will earn

in the apartment it can be mounted?

2 Gather farm for mining on the RX 470
such as here
write in stages
calling best buy, how to set

or what to collect

  1. rent a server

what resources must be on the server
for example AMD Athlon II X4 Quad-Core 4*2,3 Ghz what is the average it for the month will earn

4 . Cloud mining

write details for each option

TBH with $1200 it's hard to build even a single rig, let alone a farm. You can build at most a 4 card rig according to the current price.

And ant miner is for bitcoin not zcash. There is no point renting a server because there is no GPU in there, and the rent is usually higher than your profit.

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  1. Not an option for Zec (at the moment, and probably never but...)
  2. Hard to find rx470 those days (but also u will need mb, psu - good one, cpu, ram etc...) + electricity expenses - suggestion do the math...
    1a - Rent a server for what? cpu mining is not making profit unless u have access to some huge server with whole bunch of cpu s (exmpl. 8 core AMD CPU getting around 15sol/s). To get hash of 1 RX470 u need 18.6 cpus....
  3. Cloud mining - no fun:) Consider that most cloud mining services are scam....
    So with 1200$ u can get maybe 3 good cards (or look for dedicated mining gpus - P106-100 MINER 6G or RX470 Asus mining, but still u will need rest of equipment ....

you might want to consider option 5 with that amount: (i'm not joking or throlling!)
5. buy $1200 on zcash


tell me where you can buy the lowest rate with minimalnoj Commission