Still can't acess funds with zecwallet/zwl or ywallet

hi again, i am back i haven’t been able to access my funds for over a week now.
tried downloading zecwallet fullnode doesn’t do anything stays on load screen,
tried zecwallet lite it says it sync’s and accepts my private key but never loads the wallet and shows $0,
tried y wallet again accepts my private seed but doesn’t show up in wallet.

i have tried changing servers to zecserver and and the zuul server just stays on disconnected and will not sync.

getting abit desperate at this point to get ahold of my funds


Hello , i don’t know the details of the problem you are having (having multiple Z-address? ) and if so i don’t think that should be an issue , I have went ahead and tested to and from all 3 of the wallets only Z transactions and they all went thru . NH syncing was the slowest. I think your issue will be solved eventually but the experience i guess is troubling. Patience is a virtue , please hang in there.

Zecwallet Fullnode will take some time to be ready to use because you need to download the entire chain to your computer.

I currently have the latest version of Zecwallet Lite Desktop working well on my Linux laptop.

thanks for your reply, i actually don’t use a z address all my funds are in one T address, it seems like the only thing to do is wait, i hope the latest version that will come out fixes the problem, as i am getting nowhere i have been at this for over a week now. Thanks for your response & i suppose you are right at this stage patience is a virtue, everyone in the zcash community has been very helpful and i am grateful for that

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not sure what to make of this… i have been holding and buying more zcash since DEC of 2019… Wasn’t that always the plan? Rome wasn’t built in a day you know

Its a Zeme which allows us to laugh a bit about the situation. For the record, I have been locked out of my funds for 15 days due to a issue with Ledger that was caused by the recent upgrade.

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With a t address, you don’t need to wait for synchronization but you still need to make sure that the wallet has the right address.

Do you use a seed phrase, or a private key?

thanks hanh, i am using a private key, i had used it around a year ago to restore my wallet without issues

It looks like this: L4LvXwh4zXA6bR3H75jVd5BgMGcpeMVp5UVuaPtF8HeA8BLBo29j ?

Start with K or L and a long series of letters/digits

Today a new ZWL released for mobile. My wallet with multiple Z-address that didn’t sync for last 30 days finally synced. Give it another try?

No it is like secret-extended-key-main"all random numbers and letters" then ends with and f.
I have always used zecwallet full node. All i did was click ‘file’ ‘export all private keys’ and saved that.
it also shows me my address where my coins are

i see a code in front of my t-address that starts with a K and ends with a h but if i put that in it says it is not recognized as either a sapling key or sapling viewing key @hanh

I have tried ZWL for mobile but it asks for a 24 words seed phrase. i only ever used zec wallet full node. so i only have whatever that client has given me when you click export all private keys

@hanh s there a way to load the wallet file from zcash full node into zec wallet lite, without zecwallet full node working correctly

Ok, good news and bad news.

Good news. We know why your balance is 0. You are using a transparent address and you were importing the shielded secret key in ZWL and YW.
Bad news. At the moment only zcashd and ZW full node understand private transparent keys.
Good news. The next version of YW (in pre release now) will support them.
More good news. You won’t need to synchronize.
Bad news. After you use the taddr, the wallet will need synchronization since the change will be shielded.


When i get ahold of my funds i will be sending you 10 zcash you have rid me of so much anxiety and i cant thank you enough, ill keep my eye out for the next update


If you don’t need urgent access to your funds, I would simply wait for an update to zcashd and zecwallet full node. I believe you have checked that your funds are still at your address with a block explorer. They aren’t going anywhere.

Otherwise, you can import your t-privkey into ywallet 1.2.12. However, ywallet will auto shield your change after you make a transaction and your funds will no longer be in a t-addr.

Here is a demo of this feature: Import a transparent private key / Pause Synchronization - YouTube


Awesome! Thankyou so much, i’ll wait for zcash full node release surely it couldn’t be to far away🙂

hello again @hanh i noticed today there was a full node release, i just tried it and still gives me an error ‘no connection’ if i was to open up my wallet like you said previously in y wallet would i be able to send my funds out to another t address? or will it change my wallet into a shielded one?
i don’t really want to access my coins if it is going to change the location of them into a z address. Or will i be able to send one transaction before it tries to shield the remaining funds?
thanks again