Target user of Zcash

I personally believe that normal people does not need as much privacy as celebrated ones, such as politician, famous stars etc, to whom zcash marketing should focus on. So the new slogan of zcash is probably wrong.

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We have a slogan??!!


You know those huge display screens at airports? Imagine how you would feel if you saw your name, bank account number and balance shown there for the world to see… right now, this is what you’ve got.


I believe that I saw a zcash slogan as “empower everyone economic freedom…” in a video show from zcash team.


Ok thats fair, I think that might be more of a mission statement but basically youre right

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Factually since May 2018 zcash target user: Bitmain, and Bitmain clients.

Sincerely though, seems that it was planned all along.

Sounds pretty good and liberating!

How does this slogan sound? What is it about?

It’s for anyone who wishes to transact directly, in a safe, quiet way. No banks, no data stored in credit card datacenters - to be sold to the highest bidder, no details exposed permanently to the whole world, no looking over your shoulder for the looters and thieves. This benefits more than just lawyers and celebrities.


We can say like that about many coins