The Zero-Knowledge Audiovisual Club

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Press passes are great!

A lesson I learned early, from H.S. Thompson

and highly recommend, for every occasion.

Coming soon to the av club near you!

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Don’t sleep on Zk Av Club events and activities.


You’ll never know, what you may have already missed :wink:

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If i were to identify one event as the start of the av club, it would be Hacker’s Congress at Paralelní Polis (Prague 2017)

Thomas Hunt (Mad Bitcoins & World Crypto Network) was one of the only people, ever able to get me out from behind my camera and talking to the livestream, before starting the club in Jan 2023.

Witness, the power of friendship, and historic insight into the state of independent nomadic crypto livestreaming in 2017:

:arrow_up: this video, specifically, is full of clues to the club’s near future :zap: #foreshadowing

Want more of my journey through Bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain history?

I’m currently digging into it, for the first time ever, in the Zcash Global Gallery*
*with pictures!

hi! i’m ryan taylor :grinning:

welcome to the zero-knowledge audiovisual club!

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The Zk Audiovisual Club :zap: :shield: :zebra:

sprouted from Zcash
with cypherpunk roots
running through Ethereum
to the very heart of Bitcoin

Do you want to know more?

Join us. Hackers unite!


Introducing ZK Radio :zap: :shield: :zebra:

A radio station created by a Zcasher for Zcashers :satellite: :rocket: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

Support the creator of ZK Radio with Zcash $ZEC

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Now broadcasting, in trial period, worldwide :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

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just discovered another lost artifact from 2015.
a (dead) website that i started and completely forgot about.

the homepage text:

The hegemonic narrative continues to disseminate status quo messaging while new ideas rarely receive broadcast exposure.
Tools exist to begin dissolving the concentration of mainstream ideas which stifle the growth of innovation and culture.
We’re here to ignite the flow of alternative and emergent ideas through live and on-demand video.

and, there’s one post …


More cypherpunk history, more Zk Audiovisual history.

Continuing notes for a history project. Forum posts start here.

This video was released 2014, August 13, filmed around the world, during that summer.

The first San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup livestream was September 2014. Unfortunately, i cannot find that video.

And, then …

October 2014, the SF BTC Meetup livestream (the earliest that i can find) features @paullinator talking about Bitcoin Wallets :zebra:

ICYMI: there are stories from the prior year, with videos, pics and links, in the gallery channel in Zcash Global Discord


Wow. That’s some serious blast from the past. Look at all that hair I had!


The Zk Av Club Workshops are cancelled

while I’m preoccupied with organizing offline, building a new club structure. We’ll be in touch.

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