The ZF Audio/Visual Club

Hello fellow Zcashers!

In the interest of serving the Zcash community and economy in the best way that I can, an idea has struck which I can no longer ignore and in which I hope to find passionate individuals who will join me. To state it directly, my goal is to establish a network of capable, ready and funded media producers broadcasting and sharing fresh news about Zcash and online privacy. So, without further ado, here is my official announcement of the Zcash Foundation Audio/Visual Club. Please check the ZF blog post for the details and how to participate. I will be the main point of contact initially and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Congrats! A project that will help in the promotion and adoption of financial privacy with Zcash.

This is the year of the Zcash content creators. Free2z + ZecHub + ZF Audio/Visual Club.


The ZF A/V Club Code of Conduct has been posted on free2z.


The ZF A/V Club meetups will be online at 18:00 UTC on the last Thursday of every month.
Our first meetup will be on January 26 when we’ll be talking about Zcash Audio/Visual Media: Past, Present and Future!


A least initially, the club meetup unschedule will live on Free2Z. It will change frequently and we’ll open a collaborative board of some kind soon to manage the meetup schedule in an open and flexible way. At the end of each meetup we’ll take suggestions for future topics and adapt as needed.


Come one! Come all! Today is the day! The first official ZF A/V Club meetup starts at 18h UTC
Join the discussion on Discord or watch and chat along on Free2Z Live
Tell your friends! Bring your friends! :zebra: :zebra: :zebra:
Let’s make some art! :zcash:

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The recording of our first meetup is now published on YouTube and a zPage to go with it.


The ZF A/V Club YouTube channel was deleted by YouTube. The YT team tweeted that they will look at the case. More info when I have it.

I’d like to see a grant for a community DevOps team that could help setup and run a Zeal PeerTube instance. This idea comes from @ZealWizard and inspired by their work on Zeal.Center which could be super helpful with other such things, like Matrix.


I’d definitely be interested in a Zcash community PeerTube instance.

When we started making videos for ZGo, I tried Odysee but uploading there requires tokens that are not easy to come by in the US and with LBRY losing its case, who knows where that’ll end up.

Having our content not depend on some corporate overlord’s approval is good.


Our YouTube channel is back!
Go subscribe now!

I’ve added a PeerTube instance to the club pipeline. If nobody else gets to it first then I’ll take care of it.


I am all for the community building shared resources for the benefit of the community.

I haven’t looked into the implementation details of PeerTube, but I’m pretty sure it will need a dedicated server based on my experience running the Zeal Center Mastodon server.


Started a new project today in which I am creating short clips from every Zcon presentation and linking back to the original video on YouTube where I’ve already begun adding chapters and refreshing the descriptions.

Watch the progress on Free2Z, starting with the Zcon0 Clip Gallery, or follow along on Twitter and Mastodon!