"thread stuck in device" Please help

I have 2 Asrock h81 BTC PRO R2, 2 EVGA 1300 and, 12 Rx 480, each rig have 1 mobo and 1 psu and 6 GPU, windows 10/8 both have same problem i changed every USB POWERED riser i have and still have the problem and swapped cards, miners claymore and gmoil every time within 5 mins i get blue screen of death with this error msg “thread stuck in device”

Unless you are running a 1400w psu or higher, that is your problem

the 6 480’s are pulling 930w plus you have to factor mobo, cpu, any fans
I am guessing 1130 is your total watt, then factor 80% gold = 1400w

Simple test to see = remove 1 card from one rig and remove 2 cards from another. If the problem goes away with EITHER test, you have your answer (unless you’re running a 600w psu, then remove 4 cards!).