Time to change Zec -- Zcl or Zen

I have 9GTX 1080ti the price going too up difficulties have changed up 3.4Zec now I see 2.0, 1.9, on month.

What do you recommend ZCL or Zen?

ZEC 20 char are enough

I am testing Pascal coin because i no longer make profits mining ZEC or it takes longer to produce droplets. So what i am planning is to put all the pascal coin into an exchange and as soon as its value against BTC grows i will convert it to BTC and from there when ZEC value against BTC drops i will dump my BTC into ZEC. I know that value over quantity will not be the same meaning I could probably loose a few coins during the exchange and also the amount of micro zec will not be the same I still will be able to convert a large portion of it into zec and transfer it back to my wallet for the long hodl. So I will leave this (place holder for master trader to enlighten me) :wink: