_tm3k for ZOMG(Withdrawn)

Hello, tmek here. I ran for the first ZOMG but lost to some other talented candidates. During last years Q&A video call I was busy moving across the country in an RV with all my belongings in the trailer towed behind; I didn’t join it and nobody learned anything about me. Looking forward to it this time.

Everybody seems to be saddened by what happened at the ZOMG, but I do not consider it a failure!
Did anybody really expect everything to run smoothly on the first iteration of this distributed governance experiment? I didn’t.

We have underestimated the task at hand, but we learned a lot as a community.
I feel like we need to do more solicitation to get people to apply for grants.
Do people even know this grant system exists?
I also believe ZOMG members should work more hours and be paid more.

I am running again because I want to be part of Zcash as it is the only crypto I trust long term, and I’m shocked to find out 4/5 people aren’t running again. I’m stepping up to fill the shoes left behind.
Since the last election I have stayed invested in the network, finally got the Zcash parachute from the manufacturer, and dissolved my real estate advertising business because crypto was doing so well. I have no current obligations and would be honored to be on the ZOMG.

Zcash is privacy, privacy is freedom, freedom is power.
Vote @_tm3k.

EDIT: My main goal if chosen will be to always make decisions that will add value or utility to zec holders.


Hi ! I have 2 questions for all ZOMG candidates :

a. How important is ZEC price appreciation for you ?
b. To the Zcash investors that buy and hold ZEC and who make the devfund possible, what can you tell them that you will do to make their investment turning into fruition ?

Hi, thanks for the questions.

A. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would say 10! I didn’t invest with the intent to lose money :wink:
B. Well frankly, I think their investment will turn to fruition with or without the ZOMG. ZOMG being created just gives us a guiding hand. ZSA’s add a ton of utility to ZEC, so will the thorchain grant. All of this utility will end up adding value, and I will continue to think myself and push other people to brainstorm new ideas we can fund to add more utility for the (utility → value) feedback loop.

Also I mentioned this somewhere before in my last campaign, with the confusion of the upcoming election people might have thoughts like ‘will it get postponed?’ and that’s fair to think.
If the funds end up getting locked while the community makes structural changes to the ZOMG, this could be beneficial in 2 ways.

It builds the ‘war chest’ people mentioned for the future, but also gives the opportunity to stake a larger amount of coin. If the ZOMG had a large chunk of coin locked up getting staking rewards plus the incoming block reward slice, it would increase its longevity magnitudes.

Last election I was theorizing a 28% ‘emergency’ fund of the incoming block rewards. I still do, but staking now makes it a better argument. In reality I’m sure they aren’t spending everything as soon as it gets in but it would be good to have something like that reach consensus.

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Withdrawing my candidacy effective immediately.
I regret rushing to submit my application.
After sitting on it for a while and thinking, I simply don’t see the ZOMG working the way it is currently designed. It either needs to be completely independent or let ZF take over again and hire support staff until we form a DAO.
The problem here is people, we are the weak link in the system.
Additionally, I think that other candidates here may be better suited for the role.

Let me be honest. Zcash has left a horrible taste in my mouth. I’ve been holding since launch (and have continued to buy every month since) and have lost money for 4-5 straight years. I’ve missed out on every big thing in crypto because I was married to this idea. To me, that is not ok. ZKP is the future, but currently, I don’t even want to think about zcash anymore and need a break for my own mental health.


Literally every day I think about what my life would be like If I had held inferior bitcoin instead, I’d be able to help people I love instead of feeling like I’m constantly drowning betting on a lottery ticket. It is this frustration as an investor that would interfere with my performance on the ZOMG.

Zcash’s mission is to empower people financially.

The Zcash foundation should temporarily re-gain control of the ZOMG and hire support staff to manage grant applications until a DAO is formed.


How does just holding ZEC make the devfund possible?

Look at this way : if nobody buys ZEC, the devfund is made worthless.


Sorry to hear that, man :frowning:
This is what I was talking about in the other thread, some people in their ivory tower don’t care about investors… So sad :frowning:

Keep talking about how Zcash developers are somehow answerable to Zcash “investors” and don’t be surprised if the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission comes knocking on your door with handcuffs.


ZSA’s will create value. We need more innovation like that.


This forum is the very place where we can openly talk about what hurts, because everyone is in such a situation. Long-time ZEC fans write to me in a Twitter account, and I also see that they are depressed. They write to me because they have no one else to tell about it, because we are all in different parts of the world and no one is personally familiar. I would like to say that we could not be wrong and all these bad feelings are temporary and should be a step towards improving our own skills of psychological adaptation. The day will come and we will be happy with ourselves and our decision, I know this for sure.


Some, err, many people in the community have been doing an amazing job for the past few years, even decade. Look where we are today compared to where we were a decade ago.

Listen. I’m new here. But clearly your problem is not zcash, it’s your investment strategy.

The behavior of doing a 180 degree turn when no fundamental has changed is worrying. Maybe take a break and reassess the whole thing. And I mean that in the nicest way. Crypto can be exhausting.


The crypto Twitter fam feels @tm3k




I was just reading the same. There are so many zcash holders out there!


Exactly. Pretty much the first thing that any financial advisor will tell you is to diversify your investment portfolio so as to reduce total risk. If you put all your casino chips on a single bet and you didn’t hit the jackpot, that’s your own fault, not the fault of Zcash developers or anyone else.

Did you read the rest of my post?
Zomg does have an issue that will need to be addressed. There’s more to my post than my personal financial choices. But when I say what I said , dozens of other investors hit my dm and tell me what I say expresses how they feel 100%!. Zec holders have been financially ruined to pay for building everything that is the network today. I’m trying to point the community to prioritize adding utility or different use cases for zec to grow the network in a different way because I don’t think the zomg is operating how we envisioned it to begin with.


Agreed. It’s a view that is shared by most in the community.

This, however, is ridiculous. As a ZEC holder from the first few blocks, I have not been ruined.

I am sure I am not the only one that is very proud of where Zcash stands today and to be thankful for the people, such as yourself, who have brought it to this point.

Sounds like you’re going through a tough patch for some reason; don’t hesitate to ask for some help, financial or otherwise.


Wow, i have like 15 replies in my head for this last post of yours that would see me banned on this board instantly without a warning.

Whose post are you referring to?

I’m extremely rekt but im ok. My ego wouldn’t let me ask for help ever anyways. I’m proud of all the hard work and technological achievements made. But people look at zcash like a joke and we can change that. Zcash isnt a joke!


I was refering to @stickyplot post. i guess it pissed me off so bad i pressed the wrong reply button