Tromp emerges victorious!

It's official, Tromp has won the election.

Tom, how does it feel to be the first cryptocurrency developer to be elected president?


It might actually be a great idea to have a debt and bankruptcy expert as president of U.S. He'll be able to sucker in more "investors" then default like we have to someday. Instead of printing money as a soft default, he's an expert in hard defaults (just don't pay it back). Hard default is not good for bitcoin and gold. But short term his ideology would seem to be great for gold and bitcoin.

Well, that might have something to do with the fact that individuals get thrown in jail for counterfeiting but governments don't. As the person who appoints the printing-press-operator-in-chief he's got a new tool in his toolbox.

I'm just happy the whole farce is over with. It's incredibly depressing to know, for several months before the election, that no matter who wins the next president will be absolutely awful. So in a strange sort of way, finding out which ball of craptastic you get is a relief.

And of course: VOTE TROMP!

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I wish we did get @tromp. He's a lot less cuckoo.

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